Drive, She Said

I work as a limo driver. Last year a wealthy family hired me to pick up a young lady at the airport and bring her to their house. When we arrived, I helped carry her bags to the front door. A maid opened the door. My fare Violet invited me to eat lunch with them. I had no other jobs that afternoon, so I accepted.

Violet was absolutely beautiful. She had a perfect figure and looked to be in her early twenties, like me. From the first time I saw her, I could not keep my eyes off her. All the way from the airport, I’d been imagining what it’d be like to fuck her naked body. But she appeared to pay no attention to me.

After lunch, the maid left to go shopping, and I left as well. When I’d driven a few blocks from the house, I saw that Violet had left a small bag in my limo. I went back to the house to give it to her.

I suppose I should’ve knocked, but the front door was open and I walked right in. There was Violet walking through the living room, completely and provocatively nude.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be,” Violet answered. “I was just on my way to take a bath.”

“You left this in the car,” I said, holding up the paper bag.

She opened the bag. In it was a bottle of champagne. Violet impulsively popped the cork and took a swig. “Join me?” she asked.

I took a big gulp and handed the bottle back to her. She poured champagne all over her naked body and rubbed her wet skin against me. “Let’s have a party,” she giggled.

“What about the maid?” I asked.

“We’d better fuck fast,” Violet said.

We fell right to the couch and began kissing. I sucked her light brown nipples and fingered her blonde cunt for a few moments. When she was lubricated, I got on top of her and slid my big dick into what turned out to be a snapping pussy.

She was so hot! We fucked all over the couch in every position we could think of. This went on for about twenty minutes. I kept thinking the maid was going to walk in on us, and told Violet we should stop.

“Just go faster,” she said. “I want to be fucked hard!”

I gave it to her with everything I had, my cock a blur as it pistoned in and out of Violet’s tight twat. “Faster!” she cried. I poured it to her a mile a minute. The sweat dripped down my forehead as I fucked this filly as fast as I could. But Violet had staying power. She was just getting warmed up.

“Come on, give it to me. Faster! Faster! Fuck me, baby!”

I thrust so hard we both tumbled from the couch and onto the floor. With Violet still urging me to fuck her, I sat her on top or me and drilled upward. “Can I come inside you?” I asked.

“Yes, do it!” Violet cried. I pumped her pussy a few dozen more times, then let my cock explode. The come felt like a liquid bullet as it shot inside her.

I’d barely pulled my pants back up when I heard the maid’s keys in the front door. I got dressed quickly and ran out the back way.

J.A., Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Family Way

My wife Barbara is a very attractive lady and is very much into sex. She is five feet nine and has a 38D bust. Her pear shaped ass sways sinuously when it is in motion, and I know she has given many a guy a hard on just walking down the street. She is forty six years old but could easily pass for thirty. Many a male friend has told me what a lucky guy I am. I have videotaped her in every pose and position. We have even filmed some full length home movies of the two of us in action.

Some months back, after reading in Forum about threesomes, I suggested to Barbara that we recruit another man and do a threeway of our own. At first she was hesitant, but she finally agreed to try it. So I asked Charlie, a friend of mine from work, to join us. He jumped at the chance. After some initial shyness on Charlie’s— not Barbara’s— part, it worked out beautifully for all of us.

Barbara and I have had threesomes with Charlie several times since that one. How she loves to have me eat out her pussy while Charlie sucks her big tits. She has also given each of us blowjobs, and complimented us equally on the tastes of our come. I have fucked her while she sucked Charlie’s dick, and I have seen her reach orgasm while Charlie sucked her tits and fingered her asshole.

One day Barbara said she wanted to try something new. That time, I watched her suck Charlie off and then give him a frenzied, screaming fuck. Another time when Charlie came over, we arranged for me to hide in the bedroom closet.

I could see them through the louvered door. I heard Charlie tell Barbara where I was. Barbara said that was okay with her, as long as I joined them later. Barbara was beautiful in her emerald green sheer nightie and high heels. She laid Charlie down on his back and licked away at his chest and stomach. I once asked Barbara what she liked about Charlie, and she said it was that he had a short, skinny pecker— easy to suck on and probably great for buggery. As I watched, Barbara crawled up on Charlie in the 69 position. He was lapping at her honey pot. She had his cock down her throat and was cuddling his balls. Charlie moaned that he couldn’t keep from coming. Barbara stopped sucking. She crouched on all fours and looked over her shoulder at him, eyes sparkling. “Fuck me in the asshole, lover,” she said. This really was different! Until then, Charlie had never gotten anything fancier than good head from Barbara. He joyfully rammed his skinny dickhead into Barbara’s asshole. Barbara bucked back at him, smiling beatifically at me in the closet. She took it all in, and Charlie gasped as she pinched his rod with her sphincter. Barbara groaned. “It feels so good in there,” she said. Then, rapidly, “I’m coming now!” By then, my prick was hard as iron, what with watching Barbara blow this guy and his fucking her in the ass. I couldn’t just watch any longer.

I came out of the closet, fast. I got on the bed and offered Barbara my hard on. In a millisecond she had slurped it down her throat. It was exciting. I was pumping in and out of her mouth. Charlie’s balls were slapping against her pussy as he sped up his strokes. All at the same time, I shot a load of come down Barbara’s throat and Charlie filled her ass with jism. Barbara shouted with joy.

Name and address withheld

G Spot Matrimony

I have been living with my fianc , Wendy for five years now, and we’d like to share what happened between us a year ago. It has changed our sex life forever, it seems. First, a little history.

We’re both twenty eight, but when I was eighteen a girl I dated allowed me to explore her vagina long enough to locate a deep spot, which set off an extreme orgasmic pleasure for her when I touched it. I later learned this was the elusive G spot, mysterious because other girls, I soon discovered, knew very little, if anything, about the G spot orgasm. This was always quite an ego boost for me, even though much of it, I suspected, was the result of long fingers that allowed me deeper probes than most men.

When I met Wendy, I knew right away she would be my wife. We have so much in common, including our sexual appetite. However, we had one small problem that took a long time to solve. We were both in the habit of masturbating to achieve sexual fulfillment.

Wendy’s method was massaging her clit to orgasm, and she was convinced that this was the only way it could be done. Thus, she would not allow me to probe her pussy without becoming tense. She started complaining then that I wasn’t pleasing her. Imagine my frustration, wanting to satisfy her, but unable to use my magic finger. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get her to relax and enjoy my touch.

On Valentine’s Day last year, I set up a romantic getaway, reserving a hotel room with a fireplace and jacuzzi. She didn’t have a clue where we were going until we arrived, and then Wendy was totally blown away by the place. Within minutes we were ripping our clothes off.

Wendy bent over the couch with her ass in the air so I could tongue her hot pussy. I plunged two wet fingers deep inside her cunt, and rubbed at her G spot like never before. Knowing how turned on she was, I thought this just might work this time, and I was right. In a few moments Wendy was bucking and moaning, as I continued my pussy massage. She came three or four times, more than she ever had, and we continued to make wild passionate love all weekend.

Now, since that very special weekend, Wendy begs me to put my long fingers deep inside her hot snatch, which I’m always willing to do since I love to watch her come again and again. To me, that’s part of what love is. I asked Wendy to marry me that weekend, and she said, “Yes! Yesss! Ohhh yeeeesssss!”

Here’s to a fantastic weekend we will never forget. I don’t know, but I think the elusive old G spot may have played a role in a match made in heaven.

R.P., Cleveland, Ohio

Desert Storm

On more than one occasion, my wife had suggested she’d be excited by the sight of me masturbating so as the heat of the day wafted into the evening and a lazy and quiet mood enveloped our house in the Southwestern desert, my mind wandered until it met that suggestion. I looked at her, resting on the floor, engrossed in one of her puzzle books, not seeming to pay attention to the depressing drone of the newscaster on the television screen. Could I interest her in the phallic exhibition I wanted to put on, or was I catching her at the wrong moment? She was barefoot, and I thought I’d get her attention if I could by massaging her high arched feet. She glanced at me as I sat on the floor and touched them. A little smile, a small murmur, then she turned back to the mazes and crosswords in her book. I gently rubbed her feet, her ankles, the supple muscles in her calves. I knew I had her attention, even if she was still studying the puzzles. My hand cupped one of her heels and as I rubbed it, I looked with a little annoyance at the television screen. The station was making the transition to a nature film and I determined that before any Andean condors were taking shelter on the shores of Lake Titicaca, I would be standing tall and stroking, and my wife would be admiring and approving.

I quickly kissed one of her knees and excused myself, thinking as I got up from the floor and headed for the bathroom she just might sense what I had in mind. In the bathroom, I picked a copy of Penthouse out of the magazine rack on the back of the door, flipped through it, then placed it on the shelf by the sink as I undressed. When naked, I looked at some of the pictures in the magazine and fondled my penis till it had reached the seven inches I call my own length. I took a large white towel from the cabinet under the sink and wrapped it around me. With magazine in hand and penis prodding the terry cloth towel, I went back to the living room. My wife was still reclined and reading. I thought I had something going on with her now, so I reclined on the floor also, about a yard away from her, looking at my own magazine. As I did, I pulled the towel away so she could see the cock and balls story I’d devised for her reading pleasure. Browse this, honey, I said silently. Delicately, I took a fingertip and rubbed it on my glans, bringing up an intensely good feeling.

“I think you’re trying to get me to look,” she said, looking into my eyes instead, but smiling.

“Damn right,” I replied.

“Okay,” she said, “let’s get a real good look.” She put the puzzle book aside and moved over till her face was practically touching my phallus. “Take your hand away,” she said. I obeyed, putting myself in better hands. With one of them, she took the hard shaft, with the other the tight scrotum. She held them and looked as if she were regarding an art object. Then she squeezed the shaft gently and gave my glans a broad tongue stroke that made me cry, “Oo ooh, that’s it, baby!” I lay back, propped up on my elbows, and left everything to her. She got my dickhead in her mouth and sucked it repeatedly. Then she dived on the shaft till her lips were almost touching my crotch hair. The hair on her head tumbled down and made a veil over this glorious blowjob. I reached down to push the hair back. She made a low sound, perhaps annoyed that I was doing anything other than simply enjoying this treat. She sucked furiously and I could feel myself getting close to eruption. At that moment I was startled by an obvious sight. She was still dressed! She had on a peasant blouse and a prairie skirt, and I know she’s not one to go without underwear. Clad modestly as a nun and sucking me off! If anything, that made my cock grow harder! I got a raging urge to be in her.

“Honey, honey, let me have you! Please, let me do you from the back!” I was trying to keep an orgasm below the surface, and I had to laugh that I was fighting the effects her mouth and tongue were having on my hard on. “Honey, please!” I begged again.

With a savage growl, she arose from my shaft and reached back under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She flung them across the room, crying, “Well, come on!” From her kneeling position she put her face to the floor. Her haunches were high, and covered by the skirt.

I sprang to a position in back of her and flipped the skirt up as if raising a curtain. It fell over her wide buttocks. I beheld the magnificent sight: tanned legs, pale buttocks, and oh, God, the splendid openings, hairy, moist, reddish and brown. She growled again, and without any more hesitation I plunged my best seven inches into the lower opening. She was so warm and wet, I was up to the hilt in an instant. My hands slipped under the waistline of the skirt. They went over her belly, pulling the skirt higher. I got to her brassiere and forced it to give way, so I could squeeze her breasts and get her large, firm nipples between my fingers. I was driving hard now, my belly smacking against her buttocks. Christ, the things you can take in at a time like this! I looked up to see the nature film on the television screen. What was that, two muskrats humping? Shit, everybody’s doing it! I remembered that male lions bite their mates behind their ears while making little cubs, so I nibbled a little on my wife’s neck. She rammed her ass against me again. I was close. She was growling. We were going to get there together, I just knew it. “Hah!” she exhaled, her face to one side against the flagstone floor. “Hah! hah!” she repeated and I joined in with “Yes! yes!” like some fool at a football game. We were pounding against each other. She rose to her elbows, then to her hands. I had her clothes all bunched below her shoulders. We were thrusting and nearly screaming when we came. Pow! Her belly muscles jumped beneath my hands. Her cunt seemed to pull the jism from my body. Her legs and buttocks went into a rolling spasm of climax. I knelt straight up and we let our pleasure run its course. She pulled her left leg forward, then her right, and was free of my phallus as it went limp. She spread her legs so wide her cunt descended to the cold floor, where my sperm came back out of her and made a little puddle. She reached up to get her skirt and pull it down. Within a few seconds, her clothes were all in order again, though a little wrinkled. I lay naked on my back on the floor, not bothering to cover myself with the towel. After getting my breath back, I looked at her. She was kneeling, her skirt spread wide on the floor. She glanced my way. I was already playing with myself again, as I gazed at the little blob of my sperm on the floor, just clear of her skirt. “I ought to clean up,” she said. I thought of her taking a sponge mop to the sperm spot. “I’ll start by cleaning you up a little,” she added. She went down on me again, licking the residue of my sperm and her love lube from my penis. “Little man, you’ve had a busy night,” she said to it, “We’ll clean you off and get you all dressed for bed, okay?” I wondered what, if anything, would get that little man erect again. “You sticky between your thighs?” I asked.

“Sticky and stinky,” she replied. “Think you’d like that? Ooh, maybe you would.”

My little man had stirred in response to her licking and her words. Her tongue was magic for me. “You on top, lady,” I said. “Let’s go.” In an instant I was covered by her skirt, her thighs and her cunt coming down on me in the dark. Again I flipped the skirt back like a tarpaulin and, pressing my cheeks to hers, stuck my tongue into that soft female treasure trove. Her mouth was busy with my tired phallus, tugging it between her lips and bringing life back into it. My shoulders touched her thighs. I reached up under her blouse and got her breasts loose from her brassiere again. I could feel my dick building in her mouth. I gave her boobs a squeeze and she moved her rump back against my face. I let the tip of my tongue dart against the front end of her long slit, teasing her clitoris and making her growl. I was at full length and felt at full strength in her mouth. Little man’s head nudged her throat, big man’s head pressed against her ass. Nudging her throat, nudging her clit, I worked for another double pleasure play. The animals on television waited for their next mating season, but our season was always on. Our bodies rocked, we grunted, we moved closer, till . . . there! Again! I came with a gush, she came with a throb, and we soaked ourselves with our fluids. In her thighs, in her belly, my wife’s muscles were popping all around me. I thrust my groin upward, feeling an aftershock so good it was maddening! Then, again, it was over, I went limp, flat on the floor, while she pulled her leg up and dismounted. She lay on her back. We were in a 69 position still, and I raised her skirt to expose the wet and bushy cleft I had been so busy eating. I put my hand on that hairy mound and just left it there, lovingly. On the other end, she took my sticky little member in her hand. The television still buzzed, but I felt no annoyance and I don’t think she did either. All we cared about was each other.

M.C., Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Right Guy

I am a thirty eight year old father of three wonderful children. I have been married to the same woman for the last twelve years and I am quite happy and content, thanks to the lingering effects of an experience I had almost twenty years ago with my college roommate. Gary was smart, handsome, funny, likable and carefree. He was also my lover for four years.

The first time I saw Gary was during the orientation week for incoming freshmen. We were at the indoor pool, where suits were optional during men’s hours, and only about half the guys chose to wear them. Gary was naked. He was poised to dive off the diving board, his toes curled over the edge of the board. He was a splendid male specimen— lean, athletic, tanned and handsome.

At the end of the week, roommate assignments were posted and Gary and I became roomies. We became good friends fast. We double dated several times, and twice during our freshman year I returned to our room to find Gary in bed with a girl. I simply backed out quietly.

One hot day in the spring, I came back to the room and discovered Gary in bed with a guy that I had seen around the campus several times. Wearing only a T shirt, the guy was on Gary’s lower bunk. Between his thighs was Gary, kneeling as he performed a blowjob. I was thunderstruck. I watched for several seconds until they both had noticed me. I backed out of the door and went for a long walk that afternoon. Later, I bunked on the couch at a friend’s room, distraught by what I had witnessed.

I didn’t see Gary until late the next day after classes. I didn’t know what to say to him, so I said nothing. I was disappointed and disillusioned. Tension hung in the air as thick as fog. Finally, he spoke up and we wound up getting into a heated argument. I said some unfortunate things and called him some names that would have usually prompted a fight.

For several days we coexisted in stony silence. I certainly felt very different when I went to sleep and when I undressed or changed clothes when he was about.

I worked part time as a busboy in a restaurant several miles out of town. One Friday night I worked until closing, leaving around one in the morning. In a drenching rain and sleet storm, I had driven about two miles when my old clunker simply died. I couldn’t get it restarted, and there was no traffic on the road to get a lift. Soaked to the bone, I walked back to the restaurant to make a call, only to find that everyone had left and the place was locked. I walked back to the car, half frozen and out of luck.

A while passed before a car approached. It went down about fifty yards, then U turned back to pull up behind me. The driver came to my door. It was Gary. He knew I was long overdue and had come looking for me. His car was a little better than mine, but his heater didn’t work. I shivered all the way back to the campus. We had two long blocks to walk from the parking lot to our dorm.

Back at the dorm, he turned on the hot shower and helped me out of my wet clothes. I showered while he made hot chocolate on his hotplate. As I dried off with a towel, Gary gave me his terry cloth robe to put on. I hiked myself up on the top bunk with my legs dangling down, and accepted the cup of hot chocolate. I apologized for the things I had said and told him that I really appreciated his concern in looking for me that night.

He stepped near the bed, spread my knees and undid the belt on the robe. I didn’t know how to react. He slid the robe off my shoulders and I sat there naked and expectant. He planted a string of wet kisses up each thigh and I found myself getting hard. He gently grasped the base of my cock and kissed the tip of my bare cockhead.

Then he looked up at me and said, “You can thank me like this. Want more?” I nodded. He proceeded to suck me, pumping my cock between his lips until I came in his mouth. He swallowed, never letting up. Several minutes after coming, I was still hard and in his mouth. He fondled my balls and licked up and down my shaft and around the groove of my cockhead. About twenty more minutes of this made me come in his mouth again.

The next morning I awoke naked on top of the covers. Gary, wearing only jeans and a sweater, sat in a chair watching me. I felt sheepish and self conscious. He sensed this. He pitched a pillow at me and said, “What are you uptight about? I’m the one that gave the blowjob!”

I chuckled and got up, prancing across the room naked as I went to my dresser. I pulled on some briefs, jeans and a sweatshirt. He persuaded me to go down to the dining hall with him barefoot. Somehow, it felt slightly naughty, slightly sexy. We ate and returned to our room. I took a shower and, while doing so, thought long and hard about what had transpired between us. As I stood in the bath drying off, he entered, undid his towel and stepped in the shower stall. I couldn’t help admiring his flawless body.

It was a Saturday morning and we had no classes to attend. Sensing that this was going to be a day of discovery, I blow dried my hair and— debating whether or not to dress — decided to just pull on a pair of briefs. Gary emerged from the bath with his towel over his shoulder. He had always been unabashed about nudity, and had the good looks to warrant it. He dried his hair, made his bed and plunked down on the couch naked with his feet propped on the coffee table. With his legs crossed, his hairless scrotum and flaccid, cut cock made a neat, appealing sight in his lap. His belly, chest and legs were smooth and tanned, and his pubic hair was scant. With his fingers interlocked behind his head, he looked like the boyish, handsome Adonis.

“Can we talk some?” he said. I sat down at the other end of the couch. He bent his knees and parted his legs, hooking his toes on the edge of the coffee table. His cock and balls hung suspended. I noted that even his perfect, tanned toes were handsome. “A few days ago,” he said, “you discovered something about me and you instantly changed your whole view of me. Suddenly I was that worst of all things, a cocksucker. Now, I’ve even sucked your cock. Do you still think so badly about me?”

I was in a quandary, but most definitely the answer was “no.”

“You’ve fucked girls, right?” I nodded. “I know you’ve been sucked off— at least by a guy, but I bet you’ve never sucked a cock yourself, or thought about it, right?” I affirmed that I never had, that I’d thought about it, and that I never wanted to.

“Well, I’ve fucked girls and I love it. And now and then I like to fuck and suck a guy, and I love that, too. I think both are just great. Putting your cock in a pussy is great. Putting your cock in a guy’s mouth or his tight ass is great. And so is having a cock in your mouth. Once you do it, you’ll want to do it again. Maybe not always, but you’ll want some dick from the right guy now and then, and you’ll enjoy it, I swear.”

I sat there silent, not quite buying what he had said. He continued, “If guys were more confident, they could have three or four times as much sex and have better, stronger relationships with both guys and girls. Most of them have poor self images.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Well, look at you,” Gary said. “You are good looking and trim, but you are too shy to sit here naked like me.”

I stood up, pulled off my briefs and tossed them aside. Then I sat back down beside him. “Okay, now we’re on even terms,” I said.

“That’s better,” Gary said. “Are you self conscious because I sucked you off? Do you think less of me than you did the other day when you came upon me and that fellow?”

“No,” I answered. “I apologize. Right now I have a head full of mixed feelings. I appreciate what you did for me last night when you came to my rescue, and I really loved what you did to me last night.”

“Loved it enough that you’d like it again?”

“Probably,” I said.

“Do you have the courage to say, ‘Gary, I want you to suck my cock?’ Can you say that? Can you?”

“Do you want me to say that?”

“Yes,” he said, “I want you to say that to me, but now I know you are too uncomfortable to say it.”

“So what do you suggest?” I asked.

Gary got up, pulled his blanket off his bunk and spread it on the floor. From his dresser he got a bottle of lotion. “Lie down,” he said. “We need to ease some tensions.” He knelt beside me and began a massage, from head to toe. He finished with me lying on my back, fully massaged except for my genitals. I was semi firm, and my cock lay across my belly. I wasn’t the least bit self conscious. “Anything else you want massaged?” he asked.

“What do you think?” I said with a grin.

“Well, show me. On me, go ahead. Show me what you’d like.”

I had him lie on his back. I poured some lotion into my hand and hesitantly grasped his cock. He was somewhat firm, and grew hard very rapidly as I massaged his cock and balls. It was familiar, yet somehow alien, too. As I ran my fingers around the groove of his cockhead, and back and forth on his shaft, I said, “I’d like you to do this.”

He raised up on one elbow, took me in his mouth as I knelt there and did with his tongue what I had showed him with my fingers. I continued to massage his dick. I came quickly. He swallowed and kept on sucking me. Soon he came in my hand, his come dripping on his flat belly.

We spent several mellow minutes talking, and then showered together. We spent the day naked, save for when we went to lunch and dinner. I mustered the courage to say, “Gary, I want you to suck my cock!” I said it that day and many, many times thereafter. It took about a week for my hand jobs on him to evolve into blowjobs. From there on, it was a rare day that we didn’t suck each other.

We continued to date girls in fact, both of us wound up going steady with girls, getting regular pussy while we continued to have sex together as well. A couple of times we had threesomes.

Today Gary is married. We get together with our wives for dinner about twice a month. Every now and then Gary and I get together and enjoy an evening or afternoon of oral sex just as we used to. He was so right when he said all I needed was “Some cock from the right guy now and then.”

B.M., East Lansing, Michigan