Two Gals, One Happy Guy

My wife and I have been married for almost ten years. Our sex life has always been terrific, and we have enjoyed trying such extras as swapping and threesomes.

A couple of months ago I came home early from work, expecting to find Connie in the kitchen fixing dinner. She wasn’t there, but I thought I heard some noises from upstairs. I went up quietly, and saw that the door to our bedroom was slightly ajar. So I looked in and saw my wife getting her pussy eaten by a very sexy brunette. I didn’t recognize her, but then, all I could see from that angle was pussy and ass. I instantly got a hard on. I didn’t have to see her face to know that I wanted to fuck this strange woman who was eating my wife.

I went back downstairs, re opened the front door and slammed it loudly. By the time I had settled with a drink in the living room, Connie came in with her dark haired friend, and introduced me to her regional sales manager.

Connie told me that Jane had wanted to look at the house because she was looking to buy a place in our area. I was a bit skeptical about the story, but I also had thoughts of my own about Jane. She was very tall, almost five feet ten, and stacked like a brick shithouse. She was a very healthy girl, about the same age as Connie, seven years my junior. I kept seeing this girl eating my wife’s cunt, with her pussy and ass up in the air, and thinking how I would have loved to just walk up and bury my cock inside her up to the hilt.

I suggested that we ask Jane to stay for dinner. She said she had some things to do, but would love to take a raincheck. Connie walked her out to her car, then came back in and started dinner.

While we were eating, I mentioned that I liked tall girls. Connie already knew that she’s five feet nine herself. I added that I thought Jane was really cute. She said that Jane had told her she found me attractive too. I don’t know if she was thinking then what I was thinking, but I couldn’t get the image of what I had seen earlier out of my mind.

That night we made love, and I ate my wife’s sweet tasting pussy just as Jane had been doing. Connie came at least three or four times. Afterward she told me to lie back, and gave me the best blowjob I could remember.

About a week later, after another long lovemaking session, Connie told me that Jane had mentioned me to her. In fact, she had said she thought I was kind of handsome and wondered how I would be in bed. Connie said that she was a little surprised, because Jane had told her earlier that she was a lesbian. I said that I liked Jane a lot, and would love to make it with her. Then I confessed to her that I had seen her with Jane in the bedroom, and how horny I had gotten when I saw Jane’s pussy and ass. I suggested that we invite Jane over for dinner and sex one night soon. Connie said she would set it up.

So that Friday night Jane came over. We had a nice dinner, and afterward we sat around talking and drinking wine. Finally I figured it was about time to get the show on the road, so I reached over and started to caress Connie’s breast. Before long Connie got very hot, and I had a huge stiff hard on. Seeing all this, Jane came over and helped Connie out of her sweater, then started licking and sucking her tits. I cooperated by pulling Connie’s slacks and panties off and using my mouth on her squirming pussy.

By now my cock was aching to be free, so I got up and took my clothes off. Meanwhile, Jane moved down to Connie’s pussy and began to eat it out like there was no tomorrow. When I was naked I moved to the lovely Jane, caressing her firm breasts through her blouse with one hand while the other slid up between her thighs. When I reached her pussy it was soaking wet. I pulled her tiny panties down, pulled up her skirt and started eating her pussy while she was still lapping at my wife’s beaver. It wasn’t long before both girls were coming like crazy. Jane’s love juice flowed so freely that it was all over my face.

After that we retired to the bedroom, where Jane quickly took off the rest of her clothes. Connie took my cock into her mouth, and after sucking it for a minute she invited Jane to come over and help her. Jane got down on her knees and took my whole cock in her sweet mouth, then began to suck it very fast while Connie massaged my balls. Then they both licked my cock at once. It was wonderful. I shot a huge load into Jane’s mouth, and then I watched as she kissed Connie, passing some of my come to her. Then they both swallowed my jism. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Jane wanted Connie to eat her out, and when I saw my wife with her head buried between Jane’s long, shapely thighs my cock was soon hard and ready to go again. I crouched up behind Connie and gave her all of that stiff tool in her squirming snatch. “Oh God,” she moaned into Jane’s cunt. “Oh yes, it feels so good— “I kept pumping away at her the whole time she was licking that pussy.

When Jane came again I almost unloaded, but I held off. I told Connie that I wanted to fuck Jane. She slid up to put her pussy right over Jane’s face, while I put my cock into that dripping wet snatch that she had just abandoned. Jane screamed and raised her hips to take me as deep as she could, at the same time eating the pussy that was pressing down on her face. I reached around my wife’s body and grabbed her tits, holding onto them as I fucked the twisting girl beneath us. I wanted it to go on forever, but the intensity of it was too much, and before long we all came together.

As it turned out, Jane bought the house across the street from us, so now I have two girls to fuck and eat any time I want!

P.B., Jackson, Georgia

Unlucky at Cards, But Lucky in Lust

My husband Ben has a weekly poker game at our house with five of his friends. My best friend Barbara usually comes over with her husband Richard on those evenings, and she and I go shopping while the men play. One night Barbara and I came back just as the game was breaking up. The rest of the men went home and Barbara and Richard sat around with Ben and me and had a few drinks.

At one point Richard asked how come the four of us had never played cards together. Barbara and I told them that playing cards didn’t really excite us. Richard smirked and said that he was sure he and Ben could come up with some excitement if that was what we wanted. Then Ben suggested we try strip poker. I was kind of hesitant about stripping naked in front of Barbara and Richard, so I suggested we only go down to our underwear. The others agreed.

It only took a couple of hands for me to see that Barbara and I were outclassed. Barbara was down to her bra and panties. I had on only my blouse and underwear. Only two deals later Barbara lost again. She started to unclasp her bra, but I protested that we had agreed to strip down only to our underwear (I had lost my blouse on the previous hand).

“Oh, what the hell! We’re friends!” Barbara said gaily, and she slipped her bra off, exposing her breasts to us all. The guys loved it. Her tits were of only average size but they were perfect. She had nice, big nipples that stuck out beautifully. I wanted to quit right there. No way did I want to take off my bra and reveal my small flattened breasts which, unknown to Barbara and Richard, were propped up by a well padded bra.

“Well, I think we should stop, okay?” I said. The others wanted to keep going, though. I finally agreed, but told them, “You’re in for a big disappointment.”

They just laughed, and we dealt again. The next two hands cost Ben and Richard their pants. Then I lost again, and it was time for my bra to come off.

“If anyone laughs it’s all over,” I said. Then I unhooked the bra and slipped it off. There on display were my little fried eggs.

“Well, I warned you,” I said. Ben smiled. He had no illusions about the size of my breasts.

“Well, you sure had me fooled,” Richard said. “But hey, tits are tits. They’re cute!”

Barbara giggled. She said, “I would never have guessed! You really can keep a secret!”

“Come on, let’s play,” I said. “I’m freezing my tits off!” That gave us all a good laugh.

Barbara slid over to sit next to Ben. When Ben lost that hand and stood up to remove his shorts, I was surprised to see Barbara help him take them off.

When I lost the next hand, Richard said turnabout was fair play. I stood up and he removed my panties. I was a little taken aback when he ran a finger through my bush and over the lips of my damp pussy. I was sure everyone heard me gasp, and my pussy got even wetter. I was now nude, but everyone laughed when I said that I had nothing left to play for.

Ben suggested that the losers do whatever the winners wanted. Barbara’s hand was under the table, and from Ben’s reaction I could tell what it was up to. I couldn’t get over how my best friend was coming on to my husband.

I had no sooner taken my seat than Richard put his hand on my thigh. He soon moved on to my dripping pussy and slipped a finger up inside. He whispered, “Mmm, very nice!”

Meanwhile, Ben was groping Barbara’s tits. I couldn’t blame him— he hadn’t had real boobs to play with for a long time.

Richard took one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Then he sucked hard on it. I couldn’t help arching my chest toward his greedy mouth. A moan escaped me as I tilted my head back in pleasure. I have very large, thick nipples that love to be sucked. I’d always felt Ben didn’t really pay as much attention to them as they deserved, and now Richard’s licking felt like paradise! I put my hand behind his head and drew it hard against my chest, gasping into his ear, “Yes! Suck my little titties!”

We broke apart to play one more hand, which I lost. Richard said that I would have to sit on his lap for as long as he wanted. Ben smiled his approval.

Richard’s huge hard cock pointed straight at me. It was a sight to see— much larger than Ben’s, and really ready for action. I was happy to sit down as he asked and to feel that marvelous prick probing the lips of my pussy.

Okay, Ben, I thought, you’re getting what you don’t get at home, and so will I! I reached down and guided Richard’s prick up into my cunt. It went in deeper and deeper. I began to think it wouldn’t stop till it hit my throat!

I rode that prong slowly at first, then sped up when Richard grasped my miniature tits and rubbed them. I couldn’t help but think he must be disappointed at my titless state, but he was giving the tits I did have lots of attention and I was loving it!

Richard didn’t even lose his erection when he shot his first load into my greedy pussy. He picked me up and carried me over to the couch. I leaned over the back of it as he asked, and he entered me from the rear.

Nearby, Barbara had Ben’s cock deep in her mouth and sucked happily on it while he played with her tits.

We all sucked and fucked for a while longer, and when we were fucked out we had a few more drinks. We asked our newly intimate friends to stay the night. I told Barbara how pretty I thought her breasts were. She said she thought I had very sexy nipples, and added, “I think each of us has something to offer the other.”

I mumbled, “Could be.” The thought hung in the air for a moment, and we let it drop. When we turned in, Barbara’s eyes and mine held for a moment. We smiled in tacit agreement that we would surely make the chance to explore the possibilities.

A.T., Santa Rosa, California

Driven to Distraction

A few months ago, my wife and I traveled to Florida to attend her sister’s wedding. Although our sex life is usually pretty intense, the things that happened during this vacation will be etched in my mind forever.

The night my wife and I arrived at my in laws’, a bunch of friends and relatives came over for drinks. I got busy making margaritas for everyone. Every batch I made was stronger than the last. After a few drinks, a group of us decided to continue the party at a local nightclub. We chose a club where male customers are treated to the sight of cocktail waitresses wearing nothing but thong bikinis, and where scantily clad muscle men sell shots to the ladies.

After quite a bit of drinking and dancing, my wife and I decided to drive back to the relatives’ house where we were to spend the night. Since I didn’t know my way around, I arranged to follow one of our friends for the drive across town. After getting on the expressway, my wife— who was understandably aroused by the drinks and the muscular bartenders— surprised me by saying, “Hey, honey, look over here.”

I looked over just in time to see her peeling her panties off from beneath her short skirt. This got my immediate attention and, consequently, driving became increasingly tricky. My wife was delighted at the effect she was having on me. She spread her legs further and turned towards me to provide me with a better view. Then she began playing with herself and teasing me by asking if I wished I could be down there licking her lips.

The next time I looked at her, I noticed that her twat was extremely wet and swollen with arousal. My wife leered at me and began running her fingers around her clit and up and down her dripping cunt. She was driving me wild but there was no way I could pull over and do what I so desperately needed to do. Even with an aching, throbbing erection, I had to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road so that I could follow the friend who was guiding us across town.

She knew it was torturing me, but she kept on teasing me more and more. She was getting more turned on every minute. She placed one finger inside herself and pumped it in and out while using her other hand to rub her swollen clit. As she approached orgasm, she pumped herself faster, spread her legs wider and started moaning uncontrollably.

By this time, I could barely concentrate on the road, but I didn’t mind because the view I had was outstanding! As the waves of her orgasm crashed over her, she lost all control and screamed like a banshee.

As soon as she finished, we had reached our exit. Her timing had been flawless! She tried to compose herself as we neared the house, but when we got out of the car, we saw a sizable wet spot on the seat she had vacated. We laughed about it for the rest of our vacation.

Needless to say, our lovemaking that night was extremely passionate. Since then, she has expressed a desire to make love in a limo. Her birthday is coming up and I’ve been busy calling about limo prices all week.

P.L., St. Charles, Maryland

Hot for Scott

Being asked to join Scott and Evan, two handsome male business associates, on a trip to San Antonio was something I just couldn’t pass up. First, I love San Antonio. But most of all I’d spent many hours fantasizing about the erotic possibilities of such a trip. I was surprised, and thoroughly pleased, when Scott (whom I’d made it with once or twice before) asked the hotel desk clerk for one room for the three of us. The room had two beds and one cot, so no matter what happened we’d at least all have a place to sleep.

After a leisurely dinner, the three of us went back to our room, as the guys had an all day meeting starting early the next morning. Evan seemed a bit tense around Scott and me, perhaps because he knew we were lovers, and after a few minutes said he was going down to the lounge for a quick nightcap.

Scott and I wasted no time getting into each other’s pants. In a minute we were in a 69 on his bed. His long, smooth dick was poking in and out of my mouth, and his tongue was prodding merrily into my vagina. I wanted to straddle his lap and feel his big boner in my pussy, but knowing that Evan could return at any minute kept us from fucking. Still, the teasing and tension turned us both on, and the fact that we were eating each other wildly did not hurt. I managed to come twice, then swallow a load of Scott’s hot come, before we heard Evan’s key in the lock.

Before he came in, Scott and I clambered into our own beds, but the atmosphere in the room was definitely charged with lust. I was beginning to drift off to sleep when I heard quick breaths and the sounds of muffled movement. I could tell the sounds were coming from Evan’s bed. He must’ve assumed that Scott and I were asleep, and was getting himself off. Hearing Evan masturbate really turned me on. I was getting hotter by the minute, and quietly started to finger my clit. Evan soon knew that I was jerking off too, because my breathing was coming in short gasps and I was moaning rather insistently. I can never keep totally quiet when I masturbate, but I didn’t care. Evan and I came at the same time, his satisfied sighs coming from one side of the room and mine from the other.

The next morning Evan was up and into the shower first. No doubt it was a cold one. I was still half asleep, but again I heard the sounds of sexual moaning. I turned my head to see that Scott was awake— very awake. He was lying atop the covers, completely naked, and was slowly and sensually stroking his rigid cock. I’m not sure if he knew I was watching, but I remained completely still so I wouldn’t spoil such a lusty scene. I loved to see Scott playing with himself. It turned me on like nothing else!

I watched him pump his cock until Evan got out of the shower and Scott went in to take his. I’m sure he was bringing himself off in there as well. I do know that the minute both men left, I pulled my vibrator from my purse and buzzed that little angel against my clitoris until I was breathless from a series of deep orgasms.

Evan had made plans to return home to Virginia immediately following the meeting, but Scott and I were going to spend the weekend together in San Antonio. All that day I kept myself turned on and ready by thinking about Evan and Scott playing with themselves. I imagined they had been thinking about me when they jerked off. The vision in my mind was of Scott feeding me his fat prick while Evan took me from the rear. Then they would switch places, and I’d suck Evan’s cock while Scott fucked me doggie style.

When Scott returned that night, we were both horny as hell. Scott said he knew I’d been watching him masturbate that morning, and said he’d done it for my benefit. He’d spent the day going over the scene in his head, and was still hard as a tree in anticipation of our time together.

Rather than rushing into bed, I suggested that we go for a swim first. Since it was late, the pool was totally deserted. We spent a few minutes swimming around, then started to explore each other’s body in the cool water. Scott loves to suck my breasts, and I love to suck his cock. I would dive beneath the surface of the pool, fuck him with my mouth until I couldn’t take it anymore, then come up gasping for air with the sweet taste of his pre come on my tongue.

We were soon so hot we had to fuck. Scott went to the shallow end of the pool and, with his back to the wall, yanked his stiff rod out of his swim trunks. I moved closer, pulling the crotch of my swimsuit aside to make room for his prick. My pussy was moist with lubrication, and Scott’s penis slid right in. We fucked slowly, enjoying each wet movement. The water rippled around us as we did our lewd dance of pleasure. The possibility of someone coming in at any moment and catching us heightened our pleasure and made me come again and again.

Just as we were switching into high gear, getting ready for the big moment when Scott would spurt his come inside me, the hotel maintenance man came in to announce that the pool was closing for the night. I’m sure he saw us screwing, but fortunately chose to act as if nothing was going on. However, he did not leave the pool area, and sat on a lounge chair and waited for us to leave. With sheepish grins, Scott and I got out of the pool. I was flushed and breathing heavily, and Scott had a hard on his bathing suit was unable to hide.

When we got back to the room, we spent the next four hours fucking with total abandon. I’m sure everyone on the floor of our hotel was kept awake by our moans and screams.

By the time the weekend was over, Scott and I had thoroughly explored both San Antonio and each other. I hope to be able to go on another trip with Evan and Scott soon. The possibility of a week long threesome the next time already has me wet.

H.K., Arlington, Virginia

Drive By Shooting

It was a warm sunny day in early July, perfect for getting in the car and driving. I had to deliver some equipment to a friend who runs a recording studio, but that was only an excuse to hit the road.

I was cruising along at about seventy miles per hour when I noticed a small black truck alongside of me. You know how you can sometimes feel someone staring at you when you’re driving? Eventually you look over, smile or nod and continue on. That’s what I did: I smiled, nodded and made eye contact with the young, dark haired man driving the truck.

What a cutie, I thought, flashing what I hoped was an attractive grin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t dressed to attract. I was wearing a long, comfortable skirt, a white tank top and a sweatshirt thrown over my shoulders. I hate getting “driver’s tan” so I usually wrap a sweater or sweatshirt around myself.

In spite of my drab wardrobe, the cute guy in the pickup smiled and waved. I nodded and drove on, expecting nothing more. A moment later, however, the guy pulled his truck closer to my car and held up a legal pad with a message written on it. It read: “I’m enjoying looking at your nice body.”

I looked down at my sweatshirt covered arms and made a gesture of confusion. How could he possibly see my body when I was all covered up?

He scribbled a new message and held it up to his window. “Take off the sweatshirt,” it read.

I laughed and wondered where this would lead. I pulled the sweatshirt from my arms and tossed it on the seat beside me. Then I looked back at the truck driver as if to say, “What now?”

“Move your arm,” read the next message. I looked down and saw that, indeed, my right arm was blocking his view of my breast. I moved my arm and revealed my breast. The tank top I was wearing was tight, and the fact that the shoulder strap of my seatbelt ran between my breasts really emphasized their size— 36D. When I glanced over at my dark haired driver, he gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up. Then he began writing very quickly. (Luckily, the traffic was sparse or we could have wound up wrapped around a guardrail.)

“Are they very responsive?” he wrote. I nodded. I looked down and noticed that my nipples were getting erect. This was due to the combined effects of the wind blowing through my open window and the fact that I was flirting with a sexy stranger at seventy miles per hour.

“Do they like to be touched or kissed?” he asked.

“Both,” I mouthed back. I reached down inside of my tank top and tweaked my right nipple.

“Do you like to have other parts of you kissed?” he scribbled.

I nodded and wondered once again how all this would end. I was feeling horny and I wondered what to do about the hot sensation growing between my legs. I pulled up my skirt and let the wind blow between my parted thighs.

“Can you show me anything else?” he wrote. I reached down and carefully slipped out of my wet panties. As soon as they were off, I held them up with one finger and waved them at my truck driving friend. I had not let up on the accelerator while performing this feat. He was going to have to keep up with me if he wanted a show!

I twirled the panties on my finger to make sure I had his attention, then I crumpled them in my hand and brought them up to my face, inhaling their musky scent.

“Let me have them!” said the next sign he held up. I hit the automatic window control on the driver’s side and lowered the passenger side window. I knew I had only one shot if I wanted him to catch my panties. As he moved his truck closer, I leaned across the front seat, took careful aim and tossed them out the window. He snatched them before they flew away and quickly brought them up to his nose and sniffed. I could see the look of pure lust in his eyes as he breathed in my scent. His truck slowed down and he dropped behind for a time.

I was beginning to think that this intriguing encounter was over, but the truck driver caught up with me and held up a new message: “Your panties are on my cock.”

I smiled and boldly gathered my skirt around my waist. Now I knew where all this was going. The wind felt cool against my thighs. I sat lower in my seat and shifted my hips. My hand found my wet cunny and I began to frig myself gently, making sure that my truck driving friend was watching. I took my sticky fingers and licked them clean. I noticed that his left arm was moving with a slow rhythm. He smiled at me and leaned back in his seat. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was doing.

I dipped my fingers back into my wet box and began that slow ride to ecstasy. My clit was hard from the wind, the driving and the excitement, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I looked over at him and he held up one more sign. It read: “Honk when you come.”

I looked ahead and noticed that the traffic was picking up. My road racing Romeo dropped behind me again as other cars began to filter into our lanes. As I continued working on my slit, I rubbed faster and faster. My cunt was throbbing and the juice was pouring out of me. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I came. My pussy was tight and my nipples were aching from the seat belt. I moved my fingers in and out of my snatch and then concentrated on my swollen nub. Somewhere deep I began to feel the genesis of a first class climax.

Finally, I exploded in a very powerful orgasm. My foot hit the accelerator and I had a hard time staying in my lane. My hips bucked several times and my thighs trembled from the intensity of my orgasm. As the waves of pleasure diminished, I slowed down and reached weakly for the car horn. As my hand pressed down on the horn, I heard the faint honking of a small truck, somewhere behind me.

D.H., Bozeman, Montana