Let’s Piss and Make Up

Thanks to Penthouse Forum printing one of my letters, I had one of my best weekends ever. In the time since you printed that letter my wife and I split up for reasons I won’t go into here, but when I saw that you had published my letter I left her a message telling her to go out and pick up a copy. She did just that and called me back later to ask me if I might want to get together for a nice golden weekend. I immediately said yes! We met up a few days later in Las Vegas, where we rented a room in a casino hotel that I knew has tile bathroom floors. We needed that for what we had in mind.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we hit the room and got naked. I ran to the bathroom and laid down on my back. She came in, stood over me with one foot on either side and shot a hot stream of piss all over my cock. She tilted her hips until her piss went all the way up my torso to my face. I grabbed her legs and brought her cunt down to my chin while she was still pissing and ate her out. Her piss went into my eyes, in my hair, it went all over. I was totally covered in it.

I said that it was her turn and had her lay in her own piss on the bathroom floor. She spread her legs and I sprayed an arc of golden piss that landed right on her clit. She was squirming and saying how hot it was. I wanted to see her silver dollar nipples shrink up like nickels, so I started pissing on her tits. It was so good, watching my piss bounce off her tits and splash on her outstretched tongue. I figured that if she wanted to taste it she might as well get a good taste! I finished by peeing all over her face, then we made love right there in our warm piss puddle, licking the briny urine off of each other’s bodies and sharing it in our mouths.

We drank plenty more liquids and spent the whole day pissing on each other. When we went to dinner that night, I’m sure everyone thought that we just got out of the shower because we both had wet hair. We did just get out of the shower, but not the kind they were thinking of. I wish I could have seen the charwoman’s face when she had to clean the room and take all those yellow bath towels away.

After our night together she went her way and I went mine, but we agreed to get together a couple of times a year to satisfy our golden urges.

T.M., Dallas, Texas

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