House Call

I have been a very avid reader of Forum for many years. I would like to share a recent experience with your readers. I am a fifty year old male and am one of very few men working in a human services office. The women working in the office are plentiful and mostly single or recently divorced, or are separated from their mates.

One particular woman, Elizabeth, has the cubical next to mine. On several occasions we had to discuss a case at our desks. Elizabeth is quite an attractive woman. She is in her thirties and is divorced with two children.

Sometimes Elizabeth will do suggestive things around my desk. She’ll sit on my desk and spread her legs while asking if I have had lunch yet. Other times she’ll grab my butt when I pass her desk or rest her big breasts on the back of my neck when I am sitting at my desk working. Invariably, she will let out a hefty laugh and move on. Elizabeth always finds a moment and a way to be titillating.

One day I had gone to her desk to discuss a particular case. While there, she suddenly opened her blouse exposing her round breasts. Blood rushed to the head of my cock as it began to slowly creep down the leg of my pants. Elizabeth noticed the bulge and said, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know you had all that in those pants. I’m coming over to your house tonight to get some of that candy.”

“Yeah, right. Talk is cheap. Put out or shut up,” I replied somewhat embarrassed. We continued our conversation about the case and I completely forgot about the incident. Later that evening while relaxing at home my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Elizabeth. What a surprise and delight. She was dressed even sexier than at the office. I invited her in and stood there staring with my mouth agape.

“I would rather put out than shut up,” Elizabeth said as she walked past me, entering the living room. I quickly regained composure and closed the door behind her.

Elizabeth started removing her clothing and suggested I do the same. I respond easily to suggestions, especially from attractive women. It didn’t take long for me to get nude and join her.

There we were. Elizabeth was caressing my love muscle and playing the skin flute. I was groping and saying hello to the little man in the boat. We engaged in wild passion without any inhibitions. After an hour and a half of fucking and sucking and enjoying the afterglow of our passions we collapsed from total exhaustion.

Later we showered together and relaxed, sipping wine and holding a pleasant conversation. This, of course, led to the bedroom and an entire evening of pleasure.

Elizabeth and I have become very good friends, and this routine is a regular part of our relationship. It remains a secret from everyone else in the office, and we think it’s best we keep it that way.

A.J., Providence, Rhode Island

Family Affair

I have been reading Forum for about two years now. I think my story might be of interest to those who have been in my position but who have never followed through with such surprises and joys. I’m twenty three years old and my girlfriend is twenty two. We live in Michigan.

Recently I went back home to Tennessee for a week’s visit. My girlfriend’s sister Anne picked me up from the airport. She looks just as hot as her sister! Her figure has great curves, which is such a turn on. She measures a delicious 37 24 36. Halfway into our twenty minute drive to her apartment, Anne asked how her sister was. “Fine, but she’ll be lonely for a week,” I said.

Anne said that she had been lonely for about a month now. At that point, I knew what was up the road waiting for me.

Once back at her apartment, Anne undressed and went to take a shower. A short while later, I heard her call for me from her bedroom. I entered the room and there she was spread eagle on her bed.

“I’ve been waiting for you ever since you started going out with my sister. Now come and ball me, tiger.”

I let her undress me, and as she was taking off my underwear my nine inch cock brushed up against her. Anne sighed, “This has been worth the long wait.” My girlfriend had told her about my big cock and warned her to keep her hands off of it. Well, so much for that command.

I mounted Anne. She started moaning and groaning for me to screw her with my fat tool. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” She was going wild thinking about my cock inside her. Being an experienced pussy fucker, I teased her for about ten minutes rubbing my dick over her breasts and waving it in her face.

Finally she couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed my cock, directing it into her hot and wet love tunnel. I deliriously fucked her pussy real hard for about five minutes. Then I turned her around and fucked her in all sorts of positions. I fucked her in front of her picture window with the curtains wide open. Soon Anne was tired and in need of a breather, so I let her rest for a little while.

After about a two hour respite I looked into her eyes and knew she was ready for another fucking. This session was going to be better than before. I started at her forehead, licking her smooth body all the way down to her feet.

When I came back to kiss her neck, Anne let out a mad scream, “Fuck me, you sexy fucker, fuck me!” I sucked her breasts and teased her nipples, then made my way down to her flooding love tunnel. I ate a meal fit for a king! She positioned me on my side in a 69 position and continued to nibble on my cock and balls. This went on for nearly ten minutes before I exploded into her mouth, feeding her my load.

Anne stood up and danced around the bed screaming, “Fuck me forever, you sexy fucker!” This young woman was hungry for my big tool, so I fucked her pussy hard several more times that evening. The rest of the week, we fucked every night. Anne told me that I could give her a good fuck whenever and wherever I wanted! Let me tell you, she really knows how to please her sister’s boyfriend.

B.K., Flint, Michigan

Losing My Resolve

Almost three months ago I met a man who made me want to experience everything about sex with him! It had been over seven months since I last had sex but I could feel there was something special about this man. On our first night together I had no intention of making love with him but when Henry kissed me and spoke to me, I became intoxicated by his charm. My resolve was still strong but when I felt his big hard cock it made me wet and weak with desire.

Resting on top of me and looking into my eyes Henry uttered, “You know you want it.” I couldn’t disagree. He started to undo my pants and I felt powerless to stop him. Off came my pants and panties, and he started licking me. Henry’s tongue was hot and hard as he slowly glided it up and down and all around my pussy. I moaned with pleasure and almost exploded across his face. I pulled his arms up and whispered that I wanted all of him inside me. I was in pure ecstasy when he entered me and came almost immediately. I mumbled how big and hard his cock felt and how wonderful it was to have his cock inside my pussy.

Henry pulled out of me and wanted to go upstairs to my bedroom. I took his hand and happily led the way. For the next two to three hours we made love in so many different positions with an intensity I can’t describe. I’ve never been turned on like this in my life and I knew I had to have Henry again and again.

Another time while we were making love we started in the middle of the bed but with the force of his thrusts I ended up halfway off the bed. Henry got on his knees and pulled me up to him without disengaging his hard dick. We kissed and touched and made love that way for a long while. He then stretched out on his back while I rode his cock with long pleasing strokes. I rocked on top of him reveling in the intensity of his hot fuck.

Henry took my breasts into his mouth and began sucking on both of them. I cooed and told him how much I wanted him to keep fucking me, and to make me come again and again. I asked him to make love to me a thousand times. When he said he’d make love to me three thousand times I exploded in rapture. I couldn’t get enough of him.

Last Sunday, Henry asked me to meet him in the bathroom and give him a blowjob. I went in and found him sitting on the edge of the sink. I started licking and taking his long cock into my mouth as far as I could. I kept deep throating him and enjoyed watching his face change as the pleasure of me sucking his rod became more intense. I was getting hotter and hotter as I licked and sucked on his hairy balls.

Standing up, I asked him to feel my cunt because I was juicy and wet. My pussy was ready for the touch of his experienced fingers. Henry pulled down my pants and told me to stand in the tub. I did and mounted his cock with my back to him. I thought he would come quickly since I’d been blowing him for fifteen to twenty minutes. I sank down and rubbed my clitoris on his shaft. In just a couple of minutes I was bucking him and moaning softly as wave after wave of orgasm shook my body. When he knew I’d climaxed Henry told me to bend over. He pounded me from behind with force and it felt wonderful. He was totally inside me and so hard. I was so excited that I came again. After twenty minutes of steady thrusting Henry told me to get on the floor where he rode me from behind until he shot his hot come into me. We were doing the wild thing and I loved it! In fact I’ll think of him every time I’m in that bathroom!

My fantasy is to do all the things we have discussed but haven’t had the time to do. I want him to make me his ice cream sundae with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry on top. I want to dress up in black leather and play a sex therapist who seduces him. I also want to cover our bodies with erotic oils and give each other a sensuous massage.

We have fantasies of hot sex in the wilderness, in my car, in my office and many other places. The list keeps growing and growing. I can’t help but think he will make all my fantasies come true. And I can’t wait!

J.B., Memphis, Tennessee

Nature’s Primal Spot

I met him on the trail with a group of hikers from my area. I don’t remember his name but I call him Nevada because that’s where he was from and because it’s one of my favorite states to visit. He was brunet and looked a bit like Keith Hernandez but really wasn’t my type. We hiked at the same pace, often getting far ahead of the others and winding up alone on the trail. We ended up getting to know each other quite well that way.

We hiked for several miles and came to a familiar clearing where a small lake was surrounded by a milieu of wildflowers and luscious trees. It was breathtaking. We were breathing pretty heavily by then and sat down in the grass to open our packs to bring out snacks and water. All the while he never took his big cocoa eyes off me.

Nevada placed his hiker’s hand on my bare leg and an electric shock raced through me. He began tracing circles around my thigh with his finger moving slowly toward the cuff of my hiking shorts. Nevada leaned closer to me with his tongue flicked out and began teasing my lips apart. He then reached one hand inside my halter top and gently squeezed one nipple with two fingers.

I slowly dropped back onto the grass as he skillfully undid my shorts and pulled them from my legs. I was moaning and all hot from something more than the sun. Nevada stood up with his figure towering above me and blocking out the sun. He was naked in a matter of seconds. I was mesmerized looking at his tanned body and at the size of his beautifully engorged cock.

Nevada gently began pulling at my pussy hair, starting at the top of my bush and working his way down until he found my wet spot. I was nearly out of control by now and felt nature’s most primitive act coming on in one of nature’s most primitive places. He put his cock inside of me and I came instantly and then began to build toward another hot orgasm.

We were both making loud animal sounds by now, drowning out the sighing of the wind. I could feel his explosion flow inside me as it drove me to a monstrous high. I was screaming and totally out of breath. The combination of passionate physical feelings and beautiful surroundings overwhelmed me into another incredible orgasm.

When it was all over Nevada was up and dressed in no time but I couldn’t move so quickly. I had to savor the moment. When I finally came down to earth the sun was warm on my breasts and I felt totally relaxed.

J.C., Pleasant Grove, Utah

Frenzied Reunion

Recently at my best friend’s wedding I encountered Matt. I have had the hots for him for over a year but had put him in the back of my mind because he had moved to another state. When I saw him at the wedding, I could barely control myself. He is one hot man and I knew I had to have him.

We did some mild flirting at the reception and then danced together. By the time we started slow dancing my panties were soaked from my love juices. I kissed and licked his ear and just couldn’t control myself with his arms warmly wrapped around my body. When the music stopped I thought I would come when Matt whispered, “How can I walk off this dance floor with a woody?” I was turned on so much that all I could think of was to be writhing beneath Matt, or me riding his firm cock.

I wanted to be free to seduce him after the reception, so I got rid of my good looking escort, then met Matt at a local bar. To my dismay he seemed interested in another woman, but pretty soon she disappeared and I became quite comfortable sitting on his lap. It felt so good to be there with his strong arms wrapped around me. We left the bar and decided to go to my friend’s house. She was on her honeymoon, so I knew we wouldn’t be disturbed. Once inside the door we immediately ran our hands all over each other’s body.

Matt felt so wonderful against my lips and beneath my fingers. My only thought was, Wow, I guess you really can see stars.

Soon we were naked and in bed. I kissed and licked his nipples, then made my way down to his lovely hard cock. I felt his firm tool tremble inside my mouth as he moaned and grunted with ecstasy. I found myself on my back with his face between my thighs. I usually do not like oral sex but it felt so comfortable with Matt. I welcomed this most intimate of kisses from him.

Matt poised himself while I begged him to enter my tight, wet womanhood. I was so excited and hot that his first thrust brought me to orgasm. We continued this passionate frenzy and frequently changed positions. The way his cock penetrated my pussy felt incomparable. Lying on my back with him thrusting powerfully above me, I begged Matt to fuck me even harder. He did more than comply! He proceeded to fuck me into one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had.

A galaxy of stars exploded behind my eyes as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over me. He exploded inside of me and his orgasm was the greatest gift Matt could have given me. Matt spurted again and again, sweetly pleasing my love tunnel so well. Exhausted, we fell asleep, but I woke up wrapped in Matt’s arms and couldn’t think of a better place to be.

C.B., Los Angeles, California