Bon Voyeur

A few years ago I told my wife Debra that my biggest fantasy was to see her get it on with two black studs. We discussed it for a while and she sounded noncommittal about it. Over the next few months I hinted that I wanted her to do this until one night I came right out and asked if she’d like to fuck a black guy. She looked in my eyes and softly said, “Yeah, I would like that.” Time passed and she didn’t mention the idea again. Then one week went by when I had to put in some twelve hour shifts at work and we didn’t get to fuck at all. I guess she got pretty horny during that time, because when Friday night rolled around and we were in bed, she said, “You haven’t mentioned your fantasy lately.”

“I didn’t think you really wanted to do it,” was my reply.

She said, “I guess I thought you weren’t really serious about it.”

I told her, “I want to take a chance and make this a reality.”

She smiled at me and said, “I was thinking the same thing.”

With the games out of the way we put a plan in motion. I asked her what kind of guys she wanted, and as it turns out we both wanted the same thing: two good looking studs with big cocks who came huge loads. Unfortunately that was a tall order to fill. The hard part wasn’t finding guys who were willing but finding out beforehand how they were hung and how much they would come.

So Debra started reading ads in swinger magazines. After writing to several men and getting nowhere, she was ready to give up. For a few months we were both frustrated and began to think all the letters we read were fake.

One night while I was reading through some of those letters, I got lucky. A new one was printed from a guy named Hugh, whose ad had pictures of his wife Sara, a cute little brunette with a nice body, getting it on with two good looking, well hung black dudes. One of the pictures showed Sara in action. At the bottom was a post office box address and the comment, “Questions? Write me.”

I called Debra in and showed her the pictures. Her expression turned to one of complete lust. Sara and her husband lived in Lynchburg, Virginia, not too far from us. Debra wrote the couple a short note and a few days later got a reply. My wife had plenty of questions and Sara had plenty of answers. Over the next couple of weeks they must have exchanged at least ten letters.

One day Sara sent her a phone number. My wife went to the phone in our bedroom and made the call that would change our lives. Debra told Sara about us and how hard we had tried to find people to get together with. I could tell then that Sara was talking about her three way with the guys in the picture. Debra’s face turned red, her eyes opened wide and she just kept saying, “Oh wow! That sounds incredible!”

She hung up the phone and said, “They sound really nice, and they invited us to watch a video they made. Can we go?”

I asked, “Do you want to?” She said she did and we made plans to visit our new friends.

The drive to Lynchburg was hot. Even though she had briefly told me what Sara said, Debra was finally giving me all the dirty details. By the time we got to the house my cock was about ready to explode.

Debra practically jumped out of car and pulled me to the front door. Sara opened the door and smiled. “You made it! Come on in!” Sara led us into the living room and offered us a drink. Sensing that we were a little nervous, Sara broke the ice and asked, “So you two have been thinking about this for a while?”

I said, “Yes, but it’s been just a few months since we decided to really go for it.”

Hugh smiled. “We did the same thing. I could tell Sara was into it but it was hard to set up.” Hugh said that Sara got lucky one Friday night when she stopped off at a bar with her girlfriend Ann to have a drink and they saw some cute guys sitting in a booth. She led her friend over to a table nearby and sat down. Even her friend said how sexy the guys were. “Sara pulled her chair out too far and hit Stu in the leg,” Hugh explained. “I guess you could say she really bumped into him!

“Sara sent drinks over as an apology and they all started to talk. The guys sat down with them and talked until Ann had to leave. Sara called me and asked me if she should try and get something set up. I was so hot by then I said, ‘Do it.’ So she told the guys that her husband worked out of town and she didn’t have much to do when he was gone. They took the bait and she set the date up for the next night. That gave us time to get a camera and set it up. Now I wish we had done it years ago.”

Debra looked over at Hugh and asked, “So that made things better for you?”

Hugh nodded. “Oh yeah,” he said. “I’m getting to the age that I can’t get as hard as I used to or do it as much. Sara wasn’t getting as much cock as she wanted. This has worked out great for us. Once a month Sara has her night, then I watch the tape afterwards. That gets me in the mood for the rest of the month. She’s happy, I’m hotter than ever and we both have some fun. It works out fine.”

My wife was squirming on the couch and asked, “You’re not there when they screw?”

Hugh looked back and smiled. “No, I like the idea of not knowing what they did until she brings me the tape.”

Debra asked, “How do the guys feel about being taped?”

Sara laughed. “That’s our secret. I got one of those small cameras from a spy store and we set it up in the bedroom. They don’t even know it’s there. That kind of makes it hotter. I think they’d be inhibited if they knew.”

Sara got up and walked to a cabinet with eight tapes lined up in a row. She looked at them for a second and said, “I’ll show you this one and you guys can make up your minds.”

Sara put the tape in the VCR. It showed Sara in tight fitting jeans leading two studs into the room. Sara sat on the bed and said, “Come over here.” Sara reached for the bulges in their pants. “Are you guys going to get nice and hard for me? Are you gonna fuck me good?” Sara unzipped their zippers and pulled out the huge black cocks.

Evan, the taller of the two, said, “You got it, girlfriend. You’re gonna to be on cloud nine until next week.”

None of us said a word as we watched her lick and suck them till their cocks glistened with her saliva. Finally Stu, the other guy, reached out and began to rub Sara’s tits while Evan took her sweater off. Stu reached around and undid her bra, exposing a great set of 35C tits. With their hard cocks sticking out of their pants, the men got down to business and began to lick and suckle her tits. They worked her slowly and took their time getting her clothes off. When she was nude, she pulled the covers back while the studs took their clothes off.

I looked at my wife and she was in another world. I went back to the tape. Sara laid down and both men looked at her like they were waiting for instructions. Sara said, “Come on up here. Let me suck your pricks.” Evan and Stu moved to either side of Sara as she grabbed their huge cocks and pushed them together. She alternately licked them up and down, flicking her tongue all around. After a few minutes she lifted them up and began to lick the huge balls that hung underneath.

Stu smiled and said, “Now it’s your turn,” as he got down and began to run his tongue over Sara’s pussy. She went wild. In a few minutes she began to moan and pant with her first orgasm. She slowly came around and told Stu to get on the bed. Stu laid on his back and Sara straddled him. Stu fucked her slowly and you could see his dick was covered with pussy juice.

Evan moved up to her face and Sara grabbed his prick and began sucking him. Stu’s speed increased until Sara was thrashing around on the bed. After another orgasm she took Evan’s cock out of her mouth and pushed her butt up in the air. “Fuck my ass,” she told Evan. He got behind her and licked her asshole until it was good and wet. He pushed his finger in and worked it around, then he very slowly pushed his thick black cock into her little asshole. Soon his cock was completely buried inside her.

The men pounded her as she absolutely went crazy with pleasure. When she had come enough she pulled loose and rolled over onto her back. Stu sunk it into Sara’s pussy and Evan went back to her face. Sara seemed like she was in another world. As Evan guided his cock in and out of her mouth, Stu pumped his cock into her cunt. Sara gasped whenever he crammed it in all the way, only to be muffled when Evan made his thrusts. Both of their cocks were larger than average, but Sara had no trouble accommodating them.

Every once in a while Stu would pull his cock out of Sara and tap her clit with it. You could see that she was being fucked well because of the gaping hole that stared out whenever she spread her legs. Evan spoke up and said that he wanted to get some of Sara’s pussy, so Stu withdrew and they switched places. The look on Evan’s face showed that even though her pussy was stretched, it still felt mighty good. He stuck it to her hard and fast while Stu put himself in Sara’s mouth.

The whole time Sara had been squealing, pulling Stu’s cock from her face and jerking him off as she was coming. Stu closed his eyes and humped her hand, finally spurting long strands of come onto her tits. Sara worked it into her skin and begged for Evan to come on her too. Evan pulled out and jerked his big black pud until he dropped a load onto her belly. Sara reached down and rubbed it into her bush then licked her fingers clean, not wanting to waste a single drop.

The four of us sat speechless when Sara turned the television off. Finally Hugh broke through the silence. “Well, what did you two think? Are you guys ready to give it a try?”

My wife looked at me, her face flushed with excitement. “Can I, baby, please? I’ll get you a three way with whomever you want! Please, can I?”

I smiled and said I couldn’t wait.

Debra grabbed me and hugged me tight. “I love you so much,” she said. “I’ll give you a good show, I promise. And I’ll get you a girl afterwards too!”

Debra looked at Sara. “So when can we do it?”

Sara smiled. “When do you want to do it? How about next Saturday night? I’ll introduce you to Evan and Stu and our hubbies can go out and have a drink while we play around.”

My wife looked at her. “You want to make it a four way?”

Sara looked a little disappointed. “You don’t want that?”

Debra quickly said, “No, a four way is fine. It’ll probably make things easier.”

Sara smiled again. “That’s what I thought you’d say. After you get to know them you can set up a threesome if you want. You’ll enjoy it.”

Debra laughed. “I know I will.” She reached out, rubbed my cock and turned to me. “You won’t mind if I take it in the ass, will you? You’ve never had me there. Will that make you feel bad?”

I shook my head. “My day will come, if that’s what you want. It’s not a big deal.”

We talked for a little while longer then went out for dinner before we started making our way home. As soon as we were alone in the car my wife looked at me. “You can still change your mind if you want.”

I looked at her. “I don’t want to change my mind. You’ll have fun. For all that you do for me, the least you should have is a good fucking once in a while.”

She squeezed my hand. “No wonder I love you so much.”

Sara had given Debra a couple of tapes for us to enjoy before the big night. They were all good. In one, Sara had the guys get down doggie style so she could she lick their nuts and assholes. “Sara told me she loves giving Evan rimjobs,” Debra said. “I’m going to try it too. If I like it I’ll give you a real good show.”

One scene on the tape was great. Sara had fucked them both real hard and they both came in her pussy. Then the studs laid on the bed and she sucked them. Sara was on her hands and knees and you could see the come running out of her cunt and dripping on the bed. While she sucked Evan, Stu nursed her tits. With Evan on his back, Sara jerked him off until his come shot all over his stomach. Sara licked it off like a kitten.

Then Sara began to suck Stu. She leaned over and put his cock in her face. She stuck her tongue out and opened her mouth wide. He jacked off with his cock a couple of inches away. When he came you could see his sperm shoot into her mouth until it ran off her tongue in thick streams. Hugh had asked her to do that and she told Debra how much she hated wasting even one drop.

Debra and I fucked every night that week. As we got closer to Saturday, I could see that my wife was in heat. She kept rubbing her tits on me and grabbing my cock. I knew we had made the right decision and that our adventure would be a lot of fun.

Saturday finally arrived. Debra was wearing a red satin blouse and tight white jeans she had bought just for her cock feast. She looked so hot I wanted to fuck her before we left, but she smiled and pushed me away. “Later honey. You just have to wait.” I thought I would explode.

We shared a drink at Hugh and Sara’s house, and when we were finished Hugh said, “Let’s go shoot some pool at the bar. There’s a Saturday night football game going on later. I think it’s Wisconsin and Ohio State.” I was a wreck when we got to the bar. My cock was so hard I couldn’t stand it, and I had trouble concentrating for more than a few seconds at a time.

I looked at my watch and it was almost nine o’clock. Hugh could tell how nervous I was getting and kept telling me keep cool and enjoy the game. Hell, I was so worked up I couldn’t play pool. Finally Hugh looked at his watch and said, “Relax. I’m sure they’re having fun. I told Sara to cut it short because you’d be wanting to get back to see what happened. She said they’d be done by ten.”

After what seemed like days, ten o’clock finally came. Hugh got up and pushed his chair in. I almost shoved him out the door. I drove like a maniac on the way back to their house. The lights were on and the driveway empty as we pulled in. Hugh opened the door and we went in. Debra and Sara were on the couch looking a mess and laughing like schoolgirls. When Debra saw me she stuck her tongue out and smiled from ear to ear. I looked at her and opened my eyes wide.

“How was it?” I asked.

Sara smiled and said, “You have a wild woman for a wife. But guess what? Right after you left Evan called and asked if he and Stu could bring a friend. We knew you wouldn’t mind and told him it was fine. I said that an old girlfriend had dropped by for the weekend. It was quite a scene.” The girls began to giggle again.

Hearing that made me hotter. “Wow, a five way! When do I get to see the videotape?”

Sara smiled. “We made up the spare room for you. I didn’t think you’d want to wait all night.”

I grabbed Debra by the arm and said, “Let’s go!”

I opened the door and pulled my love kitten into the room. Debra walked toward the bathroom and began to take off her blouse. I stopped her right in her tracks. “Don’t even think about washing up.”

She turned around and looked at me. “But honey, I’m still dripping come . . .”

I was in front of her in a flash. I started pulling her pants down but was having such a hard time that she had to help me. She stepped out of the crumpled jeans and I saw that her panties were soaked with huge come stains. I stuck my nose in her pussy and smelled sex. I peeled her panties off and pushed her legs apart. She moaned as I licked her pussy lips. I could really tell how stretched out her twat was when I stuck my tongue in. “I saved some for you,” she moaned as a clot of jism found my lips. The taste was incredible.

As I worked my tongue around she said, “Don’t you want to see the tape?” She pulled away, walked to the VCR and put the tape in. I stripped and lay down on the bed and told Debra I wanted to 69. The picture came on just as she got on top of me and put her cunt over my mouth.

Sara was the first in the room and she was already nude. A second later Debra walked in, naked and dragging her stud by his big black prick. The sight hit me like a truck. A second later two other black men followed. I became aware of the come in my wife’s pussy and began to dine. The taste was wild— pure hot sex. Very slowly more come oozed into my mouth. I loved it. Never in a million years would I have believed I could feel so hot tasting other men’s come leaking out of my wife’s pussy.

Up on the screen, Sara lay down on her back and spread her legs. “Since you’re my guest, you can have Evan and Nick. I’ll start with Stu.” Debra moaned as she sucked their huge meat. More come slid into my mouth as I watched my wife on the TV screen, pulling Nick’s cock close to her face. She was watching the video too, and must have figured that I’d come soon, so she brushed my dick lightly with the tip of her tongue, just hard enough to tease me and keep me excited.

Stu and Evan were light skinned but Nick was black as coal. The contrast between the two cocks was hot. My beautiful wife took her time licking and sucking his huge nuts, wrapping her tongue around them and leaving a sheen of spit on the bristly hairs. After a few minutes of working on both dicks, she looked over at Sara. “Mmmm, it sure looks like that feels good,” she said. She pulled away and moved next to her.

Stu never moved and Debra spread her legs. I could see her pussy was leaking juice. It was white and begging to be eaten. Nick rolled over and put his head between her thighs. Debra moaned, “Oh fuck yes! Eat me!” Nick ate her slowly, flicking his tongue into her sweaty hole. He licked her up and down, jabbing his tongue into her twat before putting it up her ass. Suddenly my wife began to moan, “Fuck yes! Goddamn it! Ohhh!” Nick slurped my wife’s beautiful pink treat and made her come again.

In the meantime, Evan had moved up so he could nurse my wife’s tits. While Nick ate her pussy, Evan kept licking and sucking her breasts, grabbing them with his big hands and squeezing them. He kissed down her stomach and began to slaver on the top of her pussy while Nick ate her down low. Debra really began going wild when Sara grabbed her and began to kiss her. I could see their tongues working into each other’s mouth. Finally she got up and told Evan to lay down. She sucked his cock and balls and rimmed his asshole with her talented tongue. Then she got over his cock and sat down on it. “Oh my God!” was all I could hear as Evan’s cock slid inside her.

She leaned forward and looked back at Nick, saying in a soft voice, “Fuck my ass.” Evan waited as Nick licked Debra’s asshole. Then he stuck his finger in her ass like Stu had done with Sara in the tape, to dilate her for entry. The sight of that alone was threatening to make me come, and I asked Debra to stop touching me as I concentrated on the tape.

After a minute of warming her up, Nick began to run his cockhead over her asshole. He pushed a little as she shifted her ass around to help him. In only a couple of minutes he was able to get it in. I couldn’t believe it. There must have been ten inches of hard black cock stretching my wife’s asshole and filling her up. Slowly Nick began to rock back and forth and Evan matched his movement. In seconds Debra was moving like a train, screaming, “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” at the top of her lungs. She came so many times I lost count.

Finally Sara said, “Give her your come.” Evan and Nick took their black cocks out of her ass and pussy, pulled her down on the bed and got on each side. The guys were ready to explode. My wife’s mouth was open and her tongue was flickering, waiting for its reward. While the guys worked up their loads, Sara moved down and began to suck Debra’s pussy.

Evan lost his load first. He aimed the thick white streams into Debra’s mouth. She caught as much as she could and swallowed it all down. Next Nick reached the point of no return and sent a gusher down Debra’s throat. She smiled and licked her lips.

Looking down at her, Sara smiled a wicked smile at Debra and said, “This one’s for you. Have fun.” Then she looked back at the studs and said, “Fuck her!” Evan moved between her legs. He tugged on his cock a few times to get it hard again and pushed it into her pussy. He fucked her for a good ten minutes, making her come over and over and over. Finally he stiffened and yelled, “Oh baby, you’re so damn good.”

Feeling her pussy being filled with come set Debra off again. When Evan pulled out, the come oozed off his cock and landed between her thighs. Again Sara licked it off the sheets. Then she smiled and said, “Lay on your back and hold your legs.” Debra did what she was told and grabbed her ankles so her pussy was wide. Sara looked at the studs, who were standing to the side with their dicks in their hands and their mouths hanging open.

The thick white spooge oozed out of my wife like a stream. Sara got all of it she could. After she caught her breath, she sucked them hard before getting her brains fucked out. Debra took a while to regain her strength from the fucking she had just gotten and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch the action going on next to her. She sure deserved a break. I couldn’t believe she had kept that pace up for almost two hours.

As the pounding got harder my wife cheered her new friend on. “Come on, Sara! Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em!” she chanted, and Sara did. A few minutes later Debra was using her fingers to catch the come as it poured from Sara’s gaping pussy. Then I looked at my wife’s twat. It was gaping wide too. I can’t tell you how hot it was to see that! They all lay on the bed for a few minutes and I saw Sara look at the clock. “You guys gotta scram. My mother is going to come by.” Slowly the guys got up, their cocks hanging long and looking limp.

After they left the room, Debra and Sara walked toward the camera and got their faces close. My wife said, “Did you like that, guys? I hope you two did! We’re going to keep fucking them!” From my spot on the bed I watched their bare asses shake as they walked out of the room.

I began to suck Debra’s pussy in earnest, tasting the black men’s come as it seeped into my mouth. She put her mouth over my cock and began to suck. I totally lost it. I was barely conscious of anything but her fucking my face. When she came, another glob of come oozed into my mouth. “Oh, baby, keep fucking them,” I moaned.

N.F., Ablemarle, North Carolina

Celebrity Fantasy: Peta Wilson

It’s the end of the day and I head down to the hotel bar for a beer or two. I’m sitting there just minding my own business when all of a sudden, I look over to see a sexy blonde chick walk in with some guy wearing a suit. She pulls up a stool, sits down and orders a drink.

The second I hear that Australian accent, I know it’s her: Peta Wilson from the show La Femme Nikita. The bartender has to come around to my side to get a bottle, so I lean over and tell her that I’ll pay for the blonde’s drink. She gives me a bored smile and wants to know if she should tell her who bought it.

“If she asks,” I reply with a smile and a good tip. “Otherwise don’t bother.”

I look over at Peta again with a little more interest than I should, not because I’m a fan or anything— I’ve only seen her show twice and I didn’t like it— but because I just can’t help myself. She’s really hot: tall and blonde and lanky and foreign, just the way I like ‘em.

Peta takes the drink and makes a move for her wallet, but the bartender tells her it’s already taken care of. I can’t hear what she’s saying, but I can tell that she’s asking the bartender who bought it. The gin jockey leans on the bar for a second and points to me. I give Peta a smile and raise my glass. She does likewise, mouths, “Thank you,” and takes a sip. She returns to talking with the suit, writing something down in a small spiral notebook every once in a while and filing it away.

“Damn,” I think. “Probably her fucking boyfriend. Oh well, never hurts to buy a chick a drink, no matter what happens.”

I look up from my beer a few minutes later and see Peta telling the suit good bye, without so much as a kiss or a handshake. I look down and pull out another cigarette so I don’t look like I’m gawking. In my head, though, the wheels are turning. Man, what I could do with that pussy if I had half the chance. Several scenarios come to mind, but I shoo them away, deciding that there’s no way a chick like her would ever go for someone like me.

I don’t pay her much attention after that until I look over and see her tucking her wallet and datebook back into her purse. Then she grabs her drink and walks over to me. I try not to act too expectant or too surprised when she grabs a stool and sits down.

“Thanks for the drink,” she says in her way cute Aussie accent. “My name’s Peta. How are you doing tonight?”

“Better now,” I say, trying to act cool about the whole situation. A big smile crosses my face— not just because my come on worked but because now I have the chance to chat her up for real. I exchange a little small talk with her, telling her that I’m in town looking up an old friend.

Then, even though I already know the answer, I ask her what she does for a living. I look vaguely interested for a second after she tells me she’s an actress, and say that I thought she was a model. I ask what kind of actress she is, and if I’ve seen her in anything before.

“Obviously not,” she says with a combination of surprise and relief on her face. “I just had some business I had to finish up with my publicity agent,” she continues. “Look, I want to go upstairs to my room and get out of these clothes, but I’m not doing anything tonight. Would you like to join me for supper? You’re welcome to come up and wait for me while I get changed. It shouldn’t take too long. Then we can both get something to eat.”

A smile crosses my face while I think how right she is. We’re both gonna have something to eat if I have anything to say about it. “Sounds good to me,” I say, as I stand up and pull out her chair. We then walk to the elevator.

Peta swipes the magnetic key through the lock, but it doesn’t take. “Here,” I say, holding her slim fingers as I put the card through the slot again. Her hand is warm and soft, and she doesn’t shy away a bit when I touch her. The small light by the door handle goes green and Peta turns the handle and walks in. I’m right behind her, watching her butt shake under her short black cotton skirt. I look for panty lines framing that ass of hers but see none. My kinda girl. You gotta love those Australians.

She takes off her sweater and tosses it on the bed, revealing a sheer black lace shirt that confirms my suspicion she’s not wearing a bra. She sits down on the edge of the bed and crosses her long, smooth legs. She isn’t wearing any stockings either. She kicks off her shoes, wiggles her toes a bit, then falls back on the bed. Her skirt is riding up, exposing a little more thigh than she probably realizes.

I walk over, kneel in front of her and take one of her feet in my hands. “You must be beat after doing business all day,” I say, kneading her foot and taking her toes between my fingers, rubbing them gently, one at a time.

“Yeah, I’m a little tired,” she says with a sigh. “Business meetings always wear me out. Please don’t stop what you’re doing. It feels great.”

From my vantage point on the floor, with a little maneuvering, I can see up Peta’s skirt. Her legs are spread just wide enough for me to get a look at her snatch. It’s perfect: thin, wispy blonde hair trimmed in a delicate triangle over a long slit with tiny lips.

As I continue her massage, I’m not surprised by the smoothness of her legs. They are as firm as a long distance runner’s, but still as shapely as a fashion model’s. Hoping she doesn’t notice, I take a hand off her foot to adjust my cock, which is ready to tear through the front of my jeans.

When I have her foot again, I move slowly up her leg, rubbing her calves and trailing my fingernails down her shins on my return trip to her ankles. A quick giggle leaves her lips and she kicks her legs up and down like an excited schoolgirl.

Standing up, I place my hands on her knees, pushing them apart before running my fingers lightly up her thighs. She says nothing but wiggles her ass from side to side, leaving her cunt almost fully exposed and ready for business.

With one motion I push the top of her skirt over her mound, then bend down to kiss it. I open her cunt with my thumbs, parting the soft flesh so I have access to her gash. When my tongue makes contact with the damp, pink skin between her thighs, she spreads her legs fully and finally touches me, pulling my head close to her twat.

With her legs draped over my shoulders, Peta matches the slow circular motion of my tongue by moving her hips against my face. “Jesus Christ,” she moans, “you’re wonderful. Put your tongue in there. That’s it, lick me. Oooh yeah, baby, lick it good. That feels so nice.”

I stroke her firm, hairless legs while I give her head, gripping her thighs and moving her ass off the bed to give me better access to her asshole. With long, slow movements, I make my way from her asshole to her clit and back again, giving her hole a tongue bath that seems to be doing the job for her. “Yeah boy, keep licking, keep going . . .”

I’ve fucked chicks from all over the world but I’ve never bagged an Australian before, so I tell her that I’ll keep going as long as she talks to me. I love hearing gals speak with accents— or even in different languages— while I fuck them, and I don’t want to let this chance slip by. “Oh, you are a dirty little bastard, aren’t you?” she asks with a chuckle. “All right, I’ll play along. Just don’t stop licking my cunt.”

That was all I needed. Parting her lips even more, I jab at her pussy with the tip of my tongue, snaking it in and out while I rub her clit with my thumb. Her legs have me secured, crossed at the ankles around my neck. Just as Peta starts to come, she arches her back and bucks against my face, yelling a stream of obscenities that would make a longshoreman blush.

I barely have time to catch my breath when Peta pulls me up on top of her, planting a big kiss on me. I can tell by the way she licks her lips afterwards that she’s one chick who likes the taste of her own cunt. In a flash she rolls me over on my back and unzips her skirt completely, giving me a view of her flat, smooth stomach as the skirt falls to the floor. She straddles me for a second and undoes the three delicate buttons holding her lace top closed.

I also see that Peta has great tits, small and firm and capped with long hard nipples. Her areolae are surprisingly dark for someone as fair skinned as she is, and they crinkle as the cool air hits them. She doesn’t fumble for a second as she starts to undo my belt buckle and rips open my jeans.

“Tell me what to do, boy,” she says. “Anything you want, and it’s yours.”

But she’s already decided what to do. Sitting on my hips, she starts sliding my bone up and down her cunt, slick and slippery with my spit and her come. She eases the head in and leans back, swallowing me whole with one motion. Bending forward, she drags her tits across my face and offers a nipple to my lips. I take it in and pull it taut with my teeth, brushing the tip with my tongue before setting it free.

I do this several more times before she lets out a yelp and dismounts, spinning around and placing her poonie on my face again as she takes my cock into her mouth. Her head is bobbing up and down like a piston. I poke her pussy and asshole with my fingers while I eat her out.

Peta works my prick like a woman who’s sucked her fair share of cock. She presses her twat firmly against my lips, bucking her hips forward and arching her back like a tabby stretching after a long nap. For the first time since we started fucking, my cock slides out of her mouth, flattening out against my stomach as she gets ready to come again.

Grabbing my joint with a well lubed hand, she jerks me while she comes, her palm feeling its way around the top of my knob like she’s chalking a cue stick. Her feet kick up and down quickly on either side of my head as her orgasm builds.

After a few minutes I’m about ready to blow. When she feels my cock start to swell between her lips, Peta takes it all down and holds her head there, moving her head from side to side like a puppy with a new pull toy. Without thinking I start pumping my hips and start to come, slamming into her face as I unleash a river of jizz into her mouth. She lets it drool from between her lips and slide down my shaft, smearing it all over my balls and licking them clean.

After I come Peta leaves her bush on my face until I bring her off one more time, licking her clit with my thumb in her cunt and a finger up her asshole. When we’re both finally satisfied, we collapse into a sweaty, shagged out heap.

Name and address withheld

Fiona Has Her Fill of Gil

I’d like to tell your readers about a fantasy that came true for me. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

I’m a young professional in my early thirties. I’m happily married to a special, sexy lady named Fiona. I won’t mince words about her sexiness. I’ll tell you that she has a great ass and just loves to have it grabbed.

Another of her great features, though not one you can detect as easily as her buttocks when they’re pressed against one of her tight skirts, is her pussy. Though few have been allowed to see it, her muff’s a marvelous sight— as it was even in the days when she shaved everything except a small tuft of hair she left at the top.

But shaved clean or residing under a beautiful crown of hair, her labia part slightly, revealing pouting inner lips that can hang down playing hide and seek, so to speak.

In short, please believe me when I tell you that just about any time she can make me as horny as she did seven years ago, when we got married.

I have to go on a little with an introduction. I am an individual blessed with a strong sexual drive and a vivid imagination. Over the years, I have had countless fantasies, though in each and every one of them Fiona is one of the participants. One of my favorite themes has been to have a threesome with Fiona and another guy or girl.

In the early days of our marriage, I got up the courage to tell Fiona about this fantasy. She seemed reserved and cautious, but I could tell she didn’t totally discount the possibility. She was uncomfortable with the idea of “planning to have a threesome” but said if the situation ever arose she might consider it.

Over the next few years, some guys and girls made passes at my wife but the opportunity never really presented itself until last year when we were on vacation in the Caribbean.

After several days on the beach, I told her, “It would be fun to mess around with someone else here, since we’re on vacation and no one knows us.”

Fiona then admitted that there was a man who had been making serious overtures to her. She also admitted that she was attracted to him as well.

Suddenly, just like that, the chance I had dreamed and fantasized about was there! I felt a lump in my throat and my chest tightened. I was beginning to wonder if my heart could take it.

But I thought that it was now or never. I said, “If you’re comfortable with this, let’s go for it!”

That night after dinner, we went to the bar and she left to find this candidate for our threesome. In no time, she brought him to our table and introduced him as Gil.

He was slightly older than I was, with curly hair and a fine tan. She and I felt him out about a threesome, figuring we’d be feeling him out even more later.

But it was time for me to brave it. I had to leave Gil and Fiona alone in each other’s company. I stayed in the bar while those two took a stroll, making their way to the hotel pool.

The pool was within my sights, so I could stand at the bar and watch them, as I propped up my nerves with a double scotch.

At the poolside she sat on his lap and they kissed and cuddled for almost an hour. From my vantage point in the bar, I was an emotional wreck. Also, I had become very horny, turned on by what I saw. And I was disturbed.

Although not angry, I was anxious and envious. What were they talking about? What would I do if Gil refused the threesome, but wanted Fiona to himself? I wanted to share her but I also felt quite protective.

As if aware of my thoughts, Fiona excused herself and came back to the bar.

Gil’s a little nervous,” she said. touching my hand. “He’s not sure about the bisexual thing.”

“Did you tell him I’m straight?” I asked. “That our plan is for both of us to be working on you?”

Fiona said she had explained all this. She asked me if I was still okay with all of it. I assured her I was. She gave me Gil’s room number and told me to meet them there in thirty minutes.

Impatiently, I waited. I felt anxious and sensitive, like a teenager on the verge of getting his first piece of ass. When I went to the room and knocked on the door, Fiona answered.

Her shirt was unbuttoned and her breasts were readily visible. Gil’s shirt was on, but he was in his underwear. It was obvious I had interrupted some serious foreplay. Inside, we all got pretty much undressed and sat on the bed. Fiona was in the middle, between Gil and me.

Needing to get started, I leaned forward and began sucking Fiona’s nipple. Gil gently pulled her shorts off and began licking and sucking her cunt. After a few minutes, I asked her if it felt good She simply smiled and moaned in reply. I will never forget the sight of Gil’s head, hard at work between her legs. After a while, Fiona sat up and told us that it was her turn as an administrator.

Gil wanted to take it standing, so off the bed they came. Fiona began licking and sucking his cock, playing with his balls. I got down and played with her ass a little, then knelt behind her.

I slid my hard cock into her hot wet cunt. She moaned with Gil’s cock in her mouth. I steadily fucked her from behind, my hands grasping her hips.

Gil watched Fiona’s mouth slide up and down on his cock, watched her tits bouncing up and down, watched the ceiling mirror where he could see my shaft going in and out of her cunt. My pleasure and ultimately my orgasm were enhanced by this novel activity. I came so hard that I almost passed out. Exhausted, I slumped on my wife.

Fiona didn’t miss a beat. She continued to suck Gil’s hard on for all she was worth. I pulled out of her cunt and fell back so I could watch the action. I saw Fiona take her hand and begin pumping the base of Gil’s shaft feverishly while her mouth and tongue continued their frantic phallic massage.

As Gil neared orgasm, he grimaced and hugged himself hard. His hips were bucking to meet each advance of her head. She was astonishing to behold. He climaxed with a sudden loud cry, before his body went rigid. He withdrew and flopped on the bed.

Fiona drew herself up to a kneeling position, on the floor, her back straight. As she swallowed Gil’s semen she smiled, pleased that she’d pleased her two men.

But Gil still had a surprise. He rose to get a vibrator from the nightstand. Fiona promptly spread her legs for him. In bed again he concentrated on her pussy. I kissed her face, neck and breasts, fingering her clitoris as he probed her vulva with that vibrator and she crooned her appreciation of all the sexual service being rendered her.

I was truly turned on by what had happened! I thanked Fiona and Gil for making one of my most cherished fantasies come true at last.

Even now, over a year later, I can still get myself off simply by closing my eyes and reliving that evening. Fucking Fiona while she sucked another man’s cock was eroticism most exquisite.

I’m hoping we’ll have an opportunity to repeat this experience one of these days.

S.N., Atlanta, Georgia

Ladies’ Choice

“Alexa gasped when he tilted the bottle and she felt the chill liquid trickle from her navel down to the vee of her parted thighs and she gasped again when he bent his head, and she felt his lips and tongue trace the wetness left by the wine until they found the place where she was most sensitive, lingering there “

“Brooke Wheeler lay naked on the pink satin sheets watching the look of ecstasy grow on Clint Rogers’ face as she slowly, deliberately poured Dom Perignon over her body. The champagne splattered over her full, round breasts . She arched her back and invited Clint to indulge himself. He licked her, lapping at the champagne…”

“He filled the crystal glass with cognac, handed it to her and then lifted the bottle and spilled the sweet, thick liquor over her shoulders. It flowed across her voluptuous breasts, through the deep hollow between them, down the axis of her body, past her navel and into her pubic hair, leaving the trace of its course on her flesh . He bent his head down to her cognac soaked breasts and he licked and sucked the luscious liquid off her body.”

Do you know (a) which excerpts were written by women, and (b) which is fact and which fiction? All three are women’s work, but only the last is a true life, erotic experience. It, along with other firsthand, real sex stories, are collected in Pleasures: Women Write Erotica, a book edited by Lonnie Barbach. When Barbach began her career seventeen years ago, she discovered there was a sad paucity of erotica created expressly for women. That’s why she put together Pleasures.

Although there’s nothing startling in Pleasures, it offers both well written erotica and a certain ingenuous, almost endearing, clumsiness of style that lends a note of authenticity to these tales, as in these passages:

“The area (of England] is as fertile as a sumptuous young woman. Her flat belly gently rolls, springing with lush orchards “

“I was about to explode . I was near the edge my fierce jerks welcomed his explosion.”

These true life tales are more sexually arousing, Dr. Barbach writes, than any available erotic fiction, most of which is created for males by males and leaves women cold. The stories are classified by theme. In the category “Anticipation,” there’s “1968,” by Sigma Hamner, a description of a superbly sensual pickup on a sultry summer day on Avenue A in New York. The section entitled “Humor” contains “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” Its author took a summer off to fuck, she says, and she’s really funny. The section called “The Physical” includes “The Drainage Ditch,” a brief, precise description of a pair of lesbian lovers pausing to bring each other off while digging a muddy ditch. In “Anonymous Sex,” there’s “A Very Special Dance,” Carol Donn’s skillful and effective description of being finger fucked from behind by a total stranger, on the crowded dance floor of a reggae club.

One notices a striking resemblance of these true, erotic experiences to established romantic fiction, also written by women, on similar themes. For example, the loss of virginity:

“He kissed her hair over and over again, shaking in every limb with repressed emotion and devoured her lips with his own, kissing her as if he were dying of thirst and her mouth were a moist fruit . She who had never been kissed on the lips before, made the discovery of the mouth of another, of the roughness of his shaven cheeks, of the hardness of his teeth, the wetness of his tongue ” Her pale, pink nipples grew firm and pinker as he kissed them, holding her breasts in each of his hands as she surrendered to his lips and fingers he pried open her thighs and quickly found the opening he had to find and drove himself into her because she was a virgin and he had to have her or die ” (From Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz.)

“I tumulted in uninterrupted splendor the smells of him, the feel of his prickling chin, the softness of his neck . I kissed his eyes, I held the back of his curly head and pressed my lips to his. He kissed me as if he were a composite of despair and anguish. “Ye know, I moost make luv to you, my dear lass. When you are ready. I know yer vergin.’ I sucked his lips, his cheeks, his neck, as he pressed his erection against my thigh his hand gently lingering with a middle finger on my throbbing clitoris . He pushed up, steering the head of his cock into my fragile membrane . ‘I won’t hurt you, my luvly,’ he gasped.” (From “Seventeen Years, Take Note,” by Lynn Scott Myers in Pleasures.)

On the passionate, Byronic lover:

“All here is passion and fire unquenchable. Impetuous sin, stormy pride, diving and soaring enthusiasm, war and poetry are kindling their fires in all his veins, and his wild blood boils from his heart .”(From The Early Writings of Charlotte Bronte, quoted by Christine Alexander.)

“He had been suddenly furious with me for reasons I little understood. I only knew that it had something to do with his insatiable hungers .Some demon some crazy light had shown through his eyes. It was a look I had seen in him before . It had a quality of desperate fear, a wildness that alerted my senses to ready me for any possibility.” (From “And Often I Submit,” an unsigned piece included in Pleasures.)

On the erotic power of language:

“‘But I don’t know what I want except the same. I don’t know how to ask.’ ‘You do. You know more than you think, but I’ll teach you just the same,’ he relented . ‘That over expressive, pouty little mouth will say all the words I want to hear.’

She shook her head and closed her eyes, feeling him stretch out beside her and with deliberate, slow precision set his hands, his mouth, the whole hard, controlled length of him to playing her slender form . After a time she lay with her eyes half closed, close to weeping for him and she spoke begging him with pretty, proper words and vulgar ones, all the crude, low, mean words she had ever heard that were now perfect and almost beautiful. ‘Dirty sweet little bitch,’ he whispered . ‘I am in you now.’” (From Sweet, Fierce Fires by Joyce Myrus.)

“Biggish cock. Not the longest, just one of sweet God’s thickest This guy had girth going for him too. You really had to open wide to give him head . I was fucking him, feeling pretty joyful and creative . Problem was, he was trying to pull me closer, wanting to eat me in return. I’m not much on tit for tat. ‘No,’ I said. ‘Why not?’ [he asked]. ‘Not yet,’ I replied. I went down again and really gave it to him . ‘When?’ he quavered. ‘When what?’ I teased. He sounded drugged ‘Get it up here. I want to do it to you,’ [he said]. Uh oh. ‘Do it?’ I’m ‘doing it’ to him, so he wants to ‘do it’ to me? I’m losing heat fast. I decide to give him another chance. ‘Why?’ ‘Why what?’ [he asked]. And then as I thrashed about in a rage, ‘Why do I want to eat you? Compulsive, verbal little bitch that you are? Why do I want to do that?’ During this speech, this music to my ears, he was methodically laying me back down again . I’d been annoyed that he wouldn’t say it at first say he wanted to eat me. I’d decided that if naming it gave him no joy or excitement, then neither would doing it.” (From “Screaming Julians,” by Grace Zabriskie in Pleasures.)

Speaking of talking about it, there’s a book for those women who’d like to, but could use a little assistance.

“Aural sex forges one ultimate link in the lovers’ chain,” Liane Gardner writes in her self help guide for the tongue tied, Whisper in His Ear. Gardner has assembled forty ready made fantasies and provides step by step instruction on easily customizing them to one’s own individual needs. It’s all done in eight easy “lessons” rather than chapters, each concluding with an “exercise.” At the end of lesson one, for example, the “student wanting to understand male fantasy” is advised to make a selection of men’s magazines and, armed with a pen, to go through them from cover to cover, making note of everything, including ads, and especially readers’ letters. By lesson three there are straightforward instructions on learning to talk dirty: “Reading aloud from a juicy novel [preferably nude in front of a mirror] can help familiarize you with erotic talk.”

Another lesson tells a lady how to feel deliciously dirty: “Stand in front of a mirror with a cucumber between your legs and watch yourself play with it.” The lesson also advises a lady to play with her nipples while riding home from work on a crowded subway to write her lover’s name on her breasts with a felt tipped pen, and to do lots more such things.

Whisper in His Ear is described by its publisher as “the perfect tool in the current trend toward monogamous relationships,” If all these games make you wonder how it might have been when monogamous relationships were really a trend, there’s Hands and Hearts: A History of Courtship in America by Ellen K. Rothman. Lest you erroneously suppose that all was simple innocence in the good old days, Rothman writes that the percentage of couples whose first child was born less than eight and a half months after marriage was thirty in the 1780s and more than twenty by the 1830s. During the last quarter of the eighteenth century, the custom of bundling in which courting couples slept together but without undressing coincides with a “low point of premarital sexual restraint.” The author of Hands and Hearts quotes from contemporary journals and letters:

“I sincerely regret not kissing you more that day . Oh, I do really want to kiss you . How I should like to be in that old parlor with you . I hope there will be a carpet on the floor, for it seems you intend to act worse than you ever did before.”

“Oh Mi, how intensely do I long to see you to feel you to put these hands that hold this pen upon you. Yes in your bosom that soft delicious bosom . My passions are terrible and none but you could master them…”

Monogamy in America had not changed much until recently. In the early 1800s, the average man married in his mid to late twenties and his bride was five years younger. In 1900 the median age for a first marriage was 21.9 for women, 25.9 for men. In 1940 the figures were 21.5 and 24.3. The lowest age point was in 1956, when the medians were 20.1 and 22.5. The highest point is now, when one fifth of women and one third of men between 25 and 29 are single.

Some things have changed.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, engagement rings were exchanged and worn by men and women, but wedding rings for either were a comparative rarity. And the custom of the honeymoon originally began as a bridal tour a visit to people who hadn’t made it to the wedding. Into the 1850s, newlyweds were often accompanied by friends and relatives. By the 1880s a trip by bride and groom alone to a romantic place had become the thing to do.


The relationship between Hollywood and adult video, like a lot of things in the movie business, is rife with shameless hypocrisy and unspeakable idiocy. Adult entertainment grows like a freakish second head off the main body of show business. It’s like this: Imagine a two headed creature in which one head hates and bullies the other and you’ll get some idea of how Hollywood deals with the world of adult entertainment.

The two industries exist side by side in La La Land, but whereas one trumpets its existence like a rooster stuck in his sunrise mode, the other maintains a low profile because Hollywood is ashamed of what it considers a deformity. The two headed monster struts around with one of its heads tucked under its armpit. It’s not polite to bring strange looking growths around in public.

Every once in a while though, the freaks insist on coming out into the brutal light of day. Embarrassing as it may be to the general public which has made adult entertainment an eight billion dollar business some adult video practitioners are actually proud of what they do. Thus we have one of the strangest exercises known to man, the annual awards shindig thrown by the adult industry’s trace organization which, after undergoing several name changes over the years has finally settled on the Adult Video Association. I recently attended the AVA’s annual spasm of self congratulation in Los Angeles, and the experience shook me to my roots. I am happy to report that sex is not dead, but it may be entering its second adolescence.

Allow me to explain. Adult entertainment exists in a weird sort of Plato’s cave in California. The real action is going on somewhere else, yet within adult video’s profane precincts there are cameras, gaffers, actors, actresses, directors in other words, all the things the big boys have. Since erotica must mime the real world of Hollywood, it must have something like Hollywood’s Oscars.

The AVA hands out Freedom Isn’t Free awards to people it feels have advanced the cause of free speech. This year’s prize went to Bob Guccione. The AVA also gives out tasteful trophies accorded to the best in adult video for the preceding year.

It is astounding that adult video is relegated to second class citizen status. It generates huge amounts of money, is seen in almost every home across the land, and is one of the great success stories of the modern age. Yet the media treat the awards ceremony like some quaint sideshow, good for increasing ratings, but never to be taken seriously. Hollywood, long a prime candidate for freak show status itself, seems even more surreal when seen from its fleshy underbelly in adult video.

I arrived at the Sheraton universal to find a noted mainstream persona, who shall remain nameless for reasons soon evident, waddling into the awards event with a stunning starlet on his arm. He was soon surrounded at a table with cronies, sycophants and friends.

The AVA crowd, slavish as ever, was soon abuzz with the Great One’s presence. Sitting two tables away was adult video stud turned director John Leslie, a man who has had more palpable hits in the last couple of years than this so called great auteur. Yet adult video forsook its own to grovel at the feet of “legitimacy.”

I soon realized that I had made a famous mistake. I had reserved a room in the same hotel as the awards ceremony, figuring it would be convenient. And it was convenient for every hanger on, erstwhile adult video stud and mini mogul in the joint. Word got around that I had a “hospitality suite.” The room soon filled with the type of anxious, awkward persons usually classed under the category of adult video flakes. Shaking hands with these people is like riding downhill in a dumpster: You come away feeling soiled. I spent most of my time trying to limit my room service bill to the size of the national deficit.

Adult entertainment attracts people for a lot of different reasons, all of which can be summed up with the word “sex.” It is a simple mistake. People see the cocks, pussies, blowjobs, spuzz and sperm in the latest smoking adult video and just naturally assume that something called the Adult Video Association would be jam packed full of the same. It s like going to a car mechanic expecting a ride: a slight misapprehension of function.

The AVA Awards are supposed to be private, but it always seems that the barriers are a little shall we say, permeable. At the reception before the ceremony, I was assailed by two bit geek after two bit geek, all wanting me to further their careers, bankroll their video or listen to their spiel.

A friend of mine who had attended a similar awards event a while back related a story concerning one slimeball in particular who was extremely persistent. I intentionally have disremembered his name, so I shall call him Shit heel. Shit heel was promising the next new superstar of the adult video world. He was promoting an awkward looking blonde with large tits and what would charitably be called a plain face. Miss Next was dressed in a gown that made my friend’s teeth hurt when he looked at it. Shit heel pushed her forward, and her tits rubbed against him like the udders of a trainee cow. They succeeded at thoroughly repulsing him

“Can I send you her stills?” Shit heel asked. “Some very hotsy totsy stuff. I’ll send you the private stuff, kinky but very classy.” I swear he said “hotsy totsy.” The guy was a walking antique.

My friend finally extricated himself from Shit heel’s foul breath grasp by feigning cardiac arrest. At Shit heel’s urging, Miss Next dropped down to give him mouth to mouth, but by that time he had rolled under a table and was free.

There were plenty of people like that n the crowd I found myself in: Starlets famished to make the climb from hooker to adult video star girls who just wanted to have a little fun sharp eyed biz queens intent on milking every drop from their bodies before their illusory charm disappeared. “Freedom isn’t free,” I heard one starlet coo, “but I am.”

I watched these people work the room, mildly amused at them, glad that I wasn’t breathing in their halitosis. They stayed around the edges, practicing the pushy tits style of promotion, and then moved on to the tables. They met every big adult video director in the room, and from my vantage point seemed to succeed in thoroughly repelling all of them. Their strategy finally became clear. They were all stalking the famous one, trying to catch his attention and see what favors they could get out of him.

The awards themselves are something of a blur. Like at a lot of circuses, the most interesting show at the AVA was around the edges. After the awards were presented, we all hit the party circuit, and everyone got down to the serious business of drinking and dishing.

My friend, the same one I wrote of earlier, told me how after one ceremony he was heading up to his room when a major adult video director (again, the names here have to be withheld to protect the impotent) caught his sleeve in the lobby.

“Got a good thing,” he whispered, cackling like a madman. “Need a room.” The guy had been in the adult video business too long and always talked in short sentences.

“Sure,” my friend said, sighing, figuring he’d have to hang out down in the lobby while the director popped his starlet.

“No, you come too.” the director said, insistent. This, my buddy thought, was something else a chance to relieve the blue balled frustration that had been building all night. But what was the director suggesting? Sloppy seconds?

“You’ll see,” he winked mischievously at my friend. “I’ll meet you up there in a little while.”

So my pal went up to his room and had a lonely nightcap. He was tired and fed up with the biz’s smarmy foolishness. He wanted to go to bed. He was just about to put a Do Not Disturb sign on his door when it exploded open. In walked the most well, he wanted to say in walked the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, but he couldn’t. In walked the most drunken dozen men he’d seen in a long time. Most of them were adult video studs. Some of them were producers and directors.

And in the middle of them was another Miss Next, grinning from ear to ear, anxious to make a favorable impression. She staggered around the room, feeling crotches and rubbing her tits against anything that moved Then she flopped down on the bed and did a writhing, kittenish striptease.

“Come on me.” she said when she had stripped off her spinnaker sized bra.

My friend realized she thought this was her audition for the adult video biz. She didn’t realize that this was unnecessary: Adult video takes almost all warm female bodies.

The adult video studs, producers and directors whipped out their dicks and started working away over the starlet’s twisting, bucking body. It was a hallucinatory scene: some of the hottest dicks in adult video in a circle jerk around a single, naked, guttural female.

They didn’t all come together, but it was close. Wad after wad of come splashed down, ropy gouts of semen splattering from all directions.

Everyone thanked my friend as they left, including Miss Next, who looked like she had just won a lottery. Then my friend got his things together and went out to find himself another room.