The Water was Fine

It happened on one of those really hot August nights. My husband George and I both moved restlessly, unable to sleep, the sheets twisting damply around us. I turned my pillow over, hoping that the underside would be cooler. But it wasn’t.

“I’ve got an idea,” George finally said. “It’s too hot to sleep. I’m going outside to turn on the sprinkler. Wanna go play?”

The idea sounded wonderful, so I quickly agreed. Minutes later we were out in the backyard, scampering through the cool, fine spray, giggling like children to a chorus of crickets. The oversize T shirt that I had worn to bed was quickly soaking wet, just as George’s pajama bottoms were. Sudden inspiration caused us to shed our wet clothes and run back and forth through the sprinkler naked. The light, cool mist felt marvelous against my skin.

Arms spread wide, I stood directly in the soft shower, letting the water gather in droplets on my skin. I closed my eyes and tilted my face up to feel the mist against my cheeks. A moment later George moved to stand behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I leaned into him, dropping my hands to my abdomen. When I felt him nuzzle my neck, I turned my head upward to allow him to continue his gentle exploration. I couldn’t have said whether the shiver that ran through my body was caused by the cool water or George’s lips on my neck.

We stood there for long moments surrounded by the dancing water as he gently nibbled his way down my neck to the curve of my shoulder. With my back pressed tightly against him, I felt the hardness pressing against the cleft of my ass. When I arched my back slightly I felt the exhalation of his moan against my neck. His hands slid slowly upward from my waist to cup and lift my breasts. His thumbs skimmed my nipples, already hard from the cool water. His fingertips traced lazy circles over the smooth roundness of my breasts. I shivered, but remained still under his tantalizing touch.

There was something so sensual, so erotic, about standing naked in the night with the water washing over me that I gave myself up to the sensations I felt. George must have felt me relax. He moved his hips slightly, rubbing his hot cock against my receptive buttocks. I responded with another arch of my back. His hard cock then slid along the cleavage, hugged by the cheeks of my ass. We moved slowly against each other. At the same unhurried pace, his hand moved down my body.

George’s fingertips traced a circle around my navel before continuing their downward path. My breath quickened when his fingers encountered, then tangled in the hair at the juncture of my thighs. I gasped when he finally touched the sensitive nub at the top of my slit. He teased my clit lightly, gently rubbing it until I moaned and trembled.

His fingers delved lightly into the folds of my cunt, moving skillfully through the dampness. He moaned when he encountered the evidence of my arousal. He slid both hands to my hips, gripping me, urging me to arch more deeply. Then, bending his knees slightly, George angled his hips so that his hard cock slid between my pussy lips. I quickly sucked in my breath, then exhaled a soft moan. He continued to glide against me, not entering my pussy. At the height of each thrust, the head of his cock kissed my clit, sending spears of pleasure arching through me. Each thrust brought me another wave closer to my climax, the pressure building inside me almost unbearably. Then, suddenly, I was consumed by my orgasm. I cried out at the first strong pulse. I gasped and shuddered while wave after wave gripped me. When I quieted, he backed away. Then he turned me to face him.

He kissed me then. The deep, wet, soft kiss quickly sent desire spiraling back through me. He took me by the hand and led me to a lounge chair, where I lay down. I felt wonderful— languid from my orgasm, yet tingling in anticipation of further lovemaking. I closed my eyes and sighed.

The sound of the sprinkler changed to that of a bottle of soda that had been shaken before opening as George unscrewed the sprinkler head. He came back to me soaked, his hair dripping. Our eyes had long since become accustomed to the light of the half moon, so when I opened my eyes I could see that he was smiling a sexy, masculine grin. I smiled back at him.

Still holding the hose, he knelt beside the lawn chair. He kissed me again. I reached over to grasp his erection, and he moaned into my mouth. I moved my hand over his silken prick, slowly stroking. He moved his hips in response, fucking my hand. I swallowed his next moan of pleasure with a soulful kiss.

Drawing a deep breath, George backed away from me. With his free hand he urged my thighs apart, opening and exposing my pussy to the night air. What he did next was wonderfully and completely unexpected. I gasped and nearly jumped out of the chair at the sudden rush of cold water on my cunt. Pausing to direct the stream of water away from me, he eased me back to a reclining position. I tensed, breathing fast and hard, waiting for him to do it again. At the next surge of cold water, I cried out. Again, he redirected the flow. This time he replaced the stream with his mouth. His lips and tongue were an incredibly warm contrast to the cold water. He nibbled at the lips of my cunt, drawing them into his mouth and sucking on them. His tongue flicked fast against my clit. I raised my hips in a silent plea to George to increase the pressure. But he backed away from me.

I started to protest, but my complaint changed to a cry of delight when I felt the rushing cold stream on my snatch again. This time George held the nozzle quite close to my pussy for long moments. The cold stream and the pulsing variations of the water pressure drove me wild. I felt as if I were going to come any moment. Then he again stopped. I was panting by then, nearly out of my mind in my desire to reach the final climax of the pleasure raking my body. George waited a moment before continuing, allowing me to gain a measure of control. Again, I luxuriated in the striking contrast of hot and cold as he replaced the water with his mouth and tongue. My clit by then was so sensitive that the mere touch of the tip of his tongue set me off thrashing and moaning. I was on the edge of orgasm when he stopped again.

One last time, George held the hose so that it nearly touched my cunt, almost fucking me with the jet of water. Then he moved it ever so slightly, so that the water pulsed against my clit. Within moments I was in the grasp of an incredibly intense orgasm that left me weak and shaking in its wake. Long minutes passed before I was aware of the world around me— the croaking cries of crickets, accompanied by the sighing of the wind in the trees. I inhaled George’s scent, a lingering cologne, mixed with the musk of his sweat. I luxuriated in the touch of the gentle breeze on my wet skin.

George was still kneeling beside me, watching. I smiled at him and slowly rose from the lawn chair. Then l knelt in front of him. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him, filling his mouth with slow thrusts of my tongue. He moaned, and I felt him tremble. I was eager to return the pleasure he had just given me. I urged him to lie back in the cool grass. He relaxed and clasped his hands behind his head, waiting to see what I was going to do for him.

I picked up the hose from where he had dropped it. I used my thumb to reduce the flow to a needle fine mist and sprayed it over his body. George leaped, but then forced himself to relax and enjoy it. I began by leaning over him and running my tongue across his lips. He moaned, opening his mouth for me to deepen the kiss. Instead, I lightly licked the corners of his mouth. Then I nibbled on his lower lip, and drew it into my mouth. I kissed his chin, then nibbled and licked my way down under his jaw and along his throat. He groaned and moved restlessly under my touch.

Continuing downward, I laved his nipple with my tongue. Like mine had been earlier, George’s nipples were already erect and hard and ultra sensitive from the cold spray. He groaned again, instinctively moving his hips in response. I continued to lick and nibble at his nipple as my hand crawled down his body. He sucked in his breath when he felt my fingertips lightly touch him at the base of his cock. Keeping my touch purposely light, I gently teased him with the tips of my fingers. The feather light touch seemed to inflame George. He cried out and arched his back.

My mouth left his nipple to follow the path down his body that my fingers had taken. He whispered an ecstatic oath when he felt my tongue delve into the indentation of his navel and swirl around. I continued to eat my way down his body. When my lips reached the base of his prick, I began to softly nibble my way up to the head. I heard him whisper yet another passionate expletive at the pleasure my mouth was giving him. When I reached the head of his prick, I teased the small opening at the tip with swift flicks of my tongue. He thrust his hips upward and urged me to get all of that swelling prick into my salivating mouth.

I traced around the ridge that ran under the head with my tongue, then took a long, catlike lick along the entire shaft. George hissed. I moved between his legs and urged them apart, then began to softly nuzzle his balls with my nose and lips. He cried out when he felt me take them gently into my mouth and softly suckle them. Grasping his cock, I slowly stroked him while my mouth continued its gentle play. His prick was incredibly hard now, like steel wrapped in the hot silk of his skin. I could no longer deny myself the pleasure of tasting his prick fully, so I took the cockhead into my mouth.

Bit by bit, he entered the wet warmth of my mouth. When the head kissed the back of my throat, I pressed it in even further, almost swallowing it. I could hear George whispering dirty words and moaning. The emptiness I felt when I pulled back until he had almost withdrawn was rewarded by the wonderful sensation of taking him into my mouth again. Then, once more, I resumed fucking him with my mouth— slowly, lingeringly, oh so exquisitely.

When I felt him trying to sit up, I knew instinctively what George wanted most. I moved around and over him to straddle him backwards, head to toe. As I leaned over his body to take his cock back in my mouth, he reached up and spread the wet lips of my cunt. As he began to nibble at me, I moaned around his cock. It was sweet to feel his lips and tongue on my pussy and clit as I sucked his engorged, reddish prick. In the mutual giving and receiving of pleasure, each of us heightened the other’s sensations. Nothing could have been more erotic, more sensual, than this. The entire world now was reduced to the sensations coursing through our bodies.

George drew my pussy lips into his mouth, sucking luxuriously on the aroused flesh. In response, I took his cock deep into my mouth and sucked hard. He moaned against me, an erotic vibration that sent tremors through me and left me trembling. Gently, he rolled the nub of my clit between his lips, then teased it with the tip of his tongue. When I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and began to move it up and down to the same rapid rhythm as my sucking mouth, I tasted a small and spicy spurt of his warm pre come.

Nearing to his climax, George was moaning against me almost constantly now. The vibrating rumble of his moans drove me wild as I moved my hips to press my hot pussy even tighter around his tongue. His gasp drew a rush of air over me, brought me to the edge of orgasm. Engulfed by his own desire, he thrust his hips, fucking my mouth.

Suddenly, we both leaped over the edge. I felt George’s cock throb, and then tasted the first hot pulse of his come. When he poured his release into my mouth, I arched my back and convulsed against him as the intense waves of my orgasm tore through me. We both cried and shuddered and moaned, pleasure raking us both. Finally, we grew still.

I rolled over on my back in the grass. It felt cool beneath me. Silently, we watched the stars, reaching out to occasionally touch, caress. We dozed. Then, much later, we hooked up the sprinkler again and ran back and forth through the spray.

M.K., Rome, Georgia

Diary of a Slut (Part 2)

My lame farewell drew some funny looks from the table, and as we walked to Graham’s car I could hear them all laughing. Then someone yelled out, “Don’t take too long, Graham!” Graham’s hand was still planted firmly in my back, guiding me toward his gorgeous blue Corvette, but I heard him chuckle at the remark. Finally I realized what was going on. When I turned to confront Graham, it was obvious that his mood had improved.

“Where exactly are you taking me?” I asked, trying my best to look concerned. Of course, my only real concern was that he wouldn’t fuck me.

“I guess we won’t know till we get there,” he joked.

“What about Anne?” I asked just for the fun of it, knowing that any mention of his girlfriend would make him squirm a little.

“I guess she’ll probably never know, will she? And since I’m just taking you home, no one else will ever suspect either. The way I see it, if I’m going to get blamed, I might as well earn it.” I couldn’t fault his logic.

Graham did earn his blame that night, but I promised to keep his secret. I can only say that when I came all over that Corvette, I dedicated it to Anne and all the other bitches like her in the world.

When we were through, Graham asked me where I lived so he could take me home. I really wasn’t ready for the night to end, so I decided not to share that information with him. With few other options, Graham elected to drop me off at the house we’d left well over an hour before. I blew him a kiss as I got out of the car, and he sped off without a word.

All the lights were off and the house was dark. From the looks of things, the party was over. Hopefully I could remedy that. Fortunately the front door was unlocked, so I let myself in. I figured there’d be some guys crashed out in the living room, but that room was empty. Not sure what else to do, I figured my best plan of action would be to head for the same bedroom I’d had so much good luck in earlier.

I entered the room quietly, not sure whom I might awaken, and heard a voice say, “Hey, we were hoping you’d make it back. Things got really dull after you left. Don’t turn on the light, though. My eyes just adjusted to the dark.”

I could smell booze in the air and assumed whoever was in the bed had been hitting the whiskey. Then there was a burst of giggling, which disoriented me because it was a different voice. By this point my eyes had adjusted as well and my surroundings came into focus. I could make out two distinct bodies under the blanket and felt a tingling in my crotch. “The party broke up, but we’re still going strong in here,” the first voice said.

To prove this, he grabbed the fifth from the nightstand and took a pull. His buddy did the same and then lifted the covers invitingly. “There’s room for one more, if you’re interested.”

I was intrigued, so I hopped in between the two men. Instantly the fifth of Southern Comfort was in my hands. After a hefty swig, I asked my new companions who the hell they were.

“I’m Manning and this is Alex,” the first guy said. “We graduated last year and now we drink for a living.”

Alex chimed in, “It’s great to meet you, but I regret to inform you that you are in a clothing restricted area. All clothing and undergarments are strictly forbidden in this room.”

Both guys slid out of their boxers to prove their point. I grabbed the bottle for another chug and said, “That’s okay, I’m not wearing undergarments.”

Then I stood up on the water bed and threw the blanket in the corner, along with my blouse and jeans. Standing naked between them, I announced with a slight slur, “Gentlemen, I believe the threesome rule is in effect this evening!” Kneeling down, I grabbed a cock in each hand. I could feel them jerk from the shock of my cold hand. Alex grabbed the fifth and fed me a swig. Then he poured the rest of the bottle all over my breasts and began slurping wildly at them while Manning buried his face in my cunt. I had never had two men at once before, but was definitely up to the challenge. Contorting my body, I rolled toward Alex and swallowed his still flaccid cock while my left hand continued to stroke Manning. With impressive skill, Manning was fingering my channel and sucking maddeningly on my clit. Between the booze and Manning’s touch, I found myself desperately craving cock.

But to my great dismay, it was becoming apparent that the booze was affecting my partners’ limp schlongs. I knew I’d have to give it my all to get fucked.

Then suddenly Manning’s face left my muff and his cock slipped from my grasp. I tried to see what he was doing, but Alex’s hand was guiding the motion of my head. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth, but I knew it wasn’t growing fast enough. My work was cut out for me.

All of a sudden Manning spread my legs and I wondered if he was miraculously erect. Then I felt something brush against my labia. But it didn’t have the warm, soft feel of flesh. It had the cool, hard feel of plastic. I realized Manning had a dildo in his hand. Then the fake cock penetrated me and started gyrating radically.

Flailing wildly, I located Manning’s lifeless cock and began kneading it again. Glancing up, I made eye contact with Alex, who was enjoying the show. Manning’s dildo was going to make me come soon, but I wanted to please Alex before I did. Nevertheless, I finally conceded to the dildo and felt the orgasm buzz down my spine into my vitals. I released Alex’s schlong as I screamed in ecstasy. Alex didn’t seem to mind. He merely yelled to Manning, “Switch!”


As Manning straddled my chest and his balls hit my chin, Alex passed my legs forward to him. Being in this position was strangely exhilarating, but I still craved Alex’s penetration. I needed two cocks in me!

Finally I felt Alex’s hard on prodding at me and I could only groan around Manning’s meat while Alex slowly penetrated my rectum. Being totally filled was a complete sensory overload. I had never been ass fucked before, but Alex was very gentle working his way in. Soon I had relaxed a little and was able to accept stronger thrusts. I loved all the attention I was getting. Two guys were definitely more fun than one!

With Manning straddling my chest and fucking my mouth with his near hard on, I couldn’t even see Alex, let alone communicate with him. All I could do was moan around the dick I was sucking. After an undetermined amount of time, Manning emptied into my mouth and pulled away from me. Alex also emptied into me, pounding his big meat deeply into my virgin asshole. Jesus, I felt like I was on another planet.

By that point I felt like a rag doll as Manning rolled me over on top of him. Gripping my ass firmly, he lowered me onto his spear and started fucking my sloppy cunt. Alex got behind me and thrust his cock back into my ass.

“You guys . . . really know how . . . to treat a girl,” I panted, as my partners struck up a rhythm.

The waves in the bed were working with us and my grunts melted into one endless moan. My eyes rolled back in my head as I was rocked with a string of orgasms. I think I fell asleep even before they dismounted me.

A little later, I woke up alone in the bed to the sound of knocking. The door eased open and a man’s voice said, “Hey, how’re you doin’? Manning and Alex asked me to check on you. They were afraid your heart might have stopped from all the excitement.”

There was a touch of humor in his voice. I squinted at him and realized he must be a giant.

“Jesus, how tall are you?”

His answer was nonchalant. “Right around six nine.” Then he continued, “My name is Vince. This is my house. Listen, some of us are going to soak our bones in the hot tub. You’re more than welcome to join us if you want. And it looks like you’re dressed for it.”

Vince led me outside and introduced me to the four guys in the hot tub. I already knew Alex and Manning, but I was pleased to make Todd and Jack’s acquaintance. I could feel all of their eyes feasting on my naked and well fucked body, and it was making me hot. When I slid into the water, I felt eight hands introducing themselves to me. The rising steam made it almost impossible to see across the tub. It seemed like the hands on my body weren’t attached to anyone. All those phantom hands were advancing subtly toward my erogenous zones as I became aware of a presence behind me.

Vince had sat behind me and begun massaging my aching shoulders. I could feel two hands fondling each of my breasts, while three other hands manipulated my pussy lips and clitoris. Another hand was deftly teasing my sensitive bung while the other two kneaded my thighs. Leaning my head back, I saw Vince’s face coming down to meet mine. As we kissed, I experienced a climax so intense, I think I briefly lost consciousness.

When I came to, I was still in the hot tub, but I seemed to be the only one in it. I could see it was getting light out, and after looking around I realized I wasn’t alone. Vince was sitting in a lawn chair, staring at me with bedroom eyes and sipping a beer. “I’ve never known anyone who took so many beauty naps,” he teased.

“Well, I’ve spent the whole night getting warmed up for you,” I replied. “I hope you meet my standards.” Pulling my hair back, I stood up out of the water and revealed my glistening body. My breasts shone like a beacon, and he seemed drawn to their light. Clearly dazzled, he stood up and stripped off his shirt. His torso was square, with a coating of luminescent blonde hair that accentuated his buff physique. Removing his shorts was the next step, but I wanted that honor for myself. In one stride he met me at the tub’s edge. I stripped off his boxers, revealing his meaty dick.

With well disciplined control, I slowly worked my way toward his groin, spreading light kisses all over his midsection. Gently I grasped his balls in my hand and watched his wand continue to twitch upward. I kissed his helmet softly and repeatedly until he finally plunged it into my mouth. I could feel him still growing in my throat. Once he was hard I kept sucking him frantically, and my mewing could be heard over the sound of the water. I continued to suck until I felt his butt cheeks clench and I knew he was about to come, even though he probably hoped to hold off longer.

I tried to pick up the pace. Finally Vince gave in and came explosively. Several spastic pelvic thrusts bounced his balls against my chin. When his spasms subsided, he jumped into the water.

“What comes around goes around,” he said.

Vince disappeared beneath the surface and lifted me out of the water. I wrapped my legs tightly around his torso. His long fingers were caressing my labia and my clit simultaneously. All the while, he was teasing my mams by capturing my nipples with his lips and gyrating his head, making my tits dance. Suddenly I was ripped apart by a convulsive climax that left me flailing my feet in midair.

I sensed that he was sated, but I realized he wasn’t through with me when he laid me down on the edge of the tub, my legs dangling in the water. After taking something out of the filter box and concealing it below the surface of the water, Vince positioned himself between my legs. I wondered what he was up to but, before I could think about it too much, my hopelessly swollen cooze was consumed by my lover’s tongue. Then that tongue was discreetly joined by his long, thick, penetrating finger in my canal and a ruthless thumb on my nub. Vince’s finger felt like a little schlong inside me.

Vince sensed my impending orgasm and grabbed the item he had hidden underwater. It was a hose with running water, and it was aimed directly for my cunt. When it was already too late, I realized this wasn’t the warm water my body was acclimated to, but cold water. For what felt like ten seconds, I was racked with overlapping orgasms that blurred my vision and paralyzed my body.

For a couple of minutes Vince sat and stared at me sheepishly, caressing my recovering body. Then I darted under the water and wrapped both of my hands around his unsuspecting member, simultaneously sealing my mouth around his mammoth balls. I stayed under as long as I could, and when I emerged I could see in his lusty eyes that there would be no more foreplay.

Once again Vince swept me into the air, carrying me out of the tub and over to the side of the house. He positioned me high against the wall and pressed himself up against me. My feet were dangling about a foot off the ground, so I wrapped them around him. With an experienced touch, Vince loaded me up and started fucking me right against the wall. The force of his body pressing so hard into me while his rod caressed my love channel was absolutely exquisite. My usually untamable tits were pressed flat between us, bulging wider with each thrust. Orgasm was once again imminent when Vince abruptly set me down.

“Let’s get horizontal,” he said.

We walked out onto the lawn, Vince’s hard on bobbing wildly, and I lay down to prepare for his onslaught. Kneeling down, Vince grasped the ankles of my already spread legs in a gentle grip. He tested my flexibility and was pleased to be able to put my ankles behind my head. He entered me lightning quick and was rewarded with instantaneous vocal acrobatics. The pace was unwavering, and all I could do was thrash my head and scream as the orgasms tumbled over me. The incredible force of Vince’s pounding thrusts were sliding me around the lawn, but he wasn’t slowing down. My belly, thighs, ass, tits and even my face were jitterbugging to Vince’s beat.

It went on for so long that I began to give up on him ever finishing, but finally I heard him start to moan like a teakettle. His climax seemed to last several minutes as the sexual rhythm became more and more uniform. The very last thrust of Vince’s exhausted dong shot me out of his grasp and several feet across the yard. I crawled back to my lover and curled up in his arms with my hand embracing my crotch protectively. We fell asleep that way under the morning sun.

That afternoon, we awoke to the voices of Vince’s parents, and we didn’t have time to speak before he made me disappear.

I’ve done a lot in my short life, but it’s a good bet that I’ll never have another night like that, no matter how hard I try.

A.B., Paris, Texas

Miss Demeanor

It wasn’t too long ago that everything started. I was a young rookie just out of the police academy, and my partner Vicki had been on the force for a little over a year.

I had heard a lot of stories about Vicki, the usual locker room bullshit, but I really didn’t pay much attention to it. To me, it was just talk from a bunch of frustrated guys who weren’t getting any at home. And since Vicki had put them all in their place at one point or another, there really didn’t seem to be much point in me asking her out. As far as I was concerned, she was my partner, and that’s where the relationship ended. Besides, I had been happily married for about a week, and I wasn’t about to mess things up by doing something stupid.

Still, I can’t say it didn’t do anything to my dick when I watched Vicki bend over to lace up her boots. The woman was drop dead gorgeous, too gorgeous to be a cop, in my opinion. She has a nice, plump ass. That’s what made her a keeper for me. She has one of those great pear shaped asses. And she had a pair of tits that made me want to scream out for buttermilk! And the fact that she had lips that looked like they could suck a golf ball through a straw didn’t hurt one bit.

But that’s all meaningless. After all, I was happily married. And I’d already made the mistake of introducing Vicki to my wife, Harpie. They’d hit it off rather well, and you guys know how girls get when they meet a guy’s wife, right? It usually eliminates any chance you have of getting into their pants. “Oh, I would never do anything to hurt her,” they say. All that sisterhood bullshit. Do you think a guy goes through all that torment when he fucks another guy’s wife? Hell, no! We don’t! The way guys see it, if the man was taking care of business, then we wouldn’t be in business.

But then it happened. I’d gone to Vicki’s place to pick her up for work and, when we got halfway down the block, she realized that she’d forgotten her gun. I walked her upstairs to her apartment, and we went inside. While Vicki went to get her gun, I took a look around.

All of a sudden I sensed that Vicki was right behind me. She hadn’t said a word, but I could feel her breath on my neck. I spun around to face her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Vicki was butt naked. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m sick of all the talk about me. Every guy accusing any female cop who won’t fuck him of being a dyke. You want me to prove I’m all woman? All right. I’ll prove it.”

I took one look at her nipples, which were standing at attention because of the chill in the room, and I said, “Well, it looks like you’ve already proven it from where I’m standing.”

She looked at my crotch, smiled and said, “So I see.” Then she walked toward me seductively, like a black panther stalking its prey. “I think I can take care of that.” Vicki unzipped my pants and reached for the prize inside. I was sweating bullets as she pulled it out and held it tightly in her hand. She got down on her knees and took a long look at it. “Pretty big fella, isn’t he?”

This was awkward, to say the least. And I wasn’t going to make it worse by disagreeing with her. “If you say so,” I said.

Suddenly, to my amazement, she put the damn thing in her mouth and nearly swallowed it whole. I could only watch in disbelief as Vicki had her way with Johnny. That was his name, by the way. Johnny. Johnny Polo. And don’t let any guy give you the bullshit that he doesn’t have a name for it, because we all do. We just don’t like to admit it.

I watched the top of her head as she continued to bob up and down on my cock. For a minute there, I thought she was going to suck it off. But then I pulled her away from my cock and lay down. She grabbed Johnny, put him in her box and rode me like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. This girl was intense. This was the first time that I ever felt like I was the one being fucked.

I had enough of that, so I lifted her off me, put her on her knees and got behind that juicy ass of hers. I rode her till the cows came home. It didn’t take long for the excitement of everything to get to Johnny, and I pulled out just in time to come all over her back.

Vicki was breathing heavily. I collapsed on the floor beside her. She smiled and said, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re great!”

“Plenty of times,” I said, feeling cocky.

“Well deserved,” she said. “You know, you’re much better than your wife.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that!

Name and address withheld

Stolen Pleasures

It’s the weekend and I managed to get a day off and I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet. The phone rings and you’re on the other end. You’re nearby and ask me to come and spend the day with you. You’re very excited and can hardly wait to be alone with me, just this once.

I really want to be with you, so I say yes. I have my denim skirt and silk blouse on, so I grab my keys and purse and leave.

Traffic isn’t too bad and I get to your place in about forty five minutes. You’re standing in the doorway but come out when I pull up. You open my door and whistle as I get out. I guess you like what you see. You pull me close and kiss me deep, out in the open for all to see. I happily return the kiss. Your tongue enters my mouth and touches mine. Your hand caresses my back and you hold me close.

We enter the lobby and go down the hall. You hug, kiss and fondle me as we try to make it to your apartment without stopping in the hall to make love. We just barely make it, though your clothes are already rumpled and your fly is undone. You kick the door shut and lean me against the wall. You kiss me as you run your hand up under my skirt. My hands lovingly caress your bare chest and your stomach, your strong shoulders and arms.

God, I’m so hot and ready for you! You unsnap my skirt and take it off, then slowly unbutton my blouse. You open it, kiss and taste my breasts. You squeeze my breasts together, sucking my nipples through my bra. You reach behind me to unclasp it, and then toss it aside. Still sucking on me, you begin rubbing my panty covered crotch.

As you rub me and suck on my breasts, my pussy gets much wetter. I unzip your pants and start stroking your cock. You grow larger and harder in my hand. I’m moaning louder now. I’m very hot and wet and I need to feel you inside me. You slip a finger in between my labia and start fingering my clit and hole, first one, then the other. You rub juices from my cunt onto my clit and make it slippery, and I stroke you a bit faster. Then you dip deep into my hole and get lots of juice onto your finger. You rub it around my nipples, and then you suck on them. Oh, it’s so good! I’m so turned on!

As you suck my nipples, you edge yourself upward between my legs, and the head of your cock touches the entrance to my pussy. You slowly push into my love hole as you kiss and lick your way to my mouth. Oh yes, deeper, go deeper, baby! You thrust in deep and it feels great. You push my legs back and apart, and thrust in even deeper. Oh god, I’m coming! You thrust harder and faster, in a steady rhythm. Then, before I come down all the way, you speed up even more and again I go over the top. This time my body trembles and the room spins. You hold my hands, our fingers locked together as I come. My muscles milk you and you can’t hold back. You come too.

We collapse to the floor and hold each other close as we come down together. We cuddle and kiss while our hearts slow down. We close our eyes and, while I’m in your arms, you caress my shoulder and trace a line down to my hand and back up. I sigh, enjoying the feeling. You begin kissing my forehead and cheeks, and then down my neck to my breasts. You hold my breast as you circle my nipple with your tongue and lick it to erection. Your teasing makes my nipples grow hard and stiff, until they’re almost an inch long.

While sucking my breast, you pull me on top of you. I straddle you, and my breasts hang in your face. You hold my breasts together and kiss and lick them. You’re making me wet again. Your cock begins to grow as we explore each other’s body. I can feel your hardness against me as I kiss and lick your lips, trace their outline with my tongue. My tongue flickers across your lips and into your mouth, seeking your tongue. I push backward onto your cock. This is really turning me on, and I probe deeper into your mouth, pushing further onto your cock. Oh, this feels so damn good. I push back as I lift my face from yours. My breasts again in front of your face, I start rocking. You seize my nipples with your fingers, roll and tweak them. I rotate my hips a bit and grind against you.

You moan my name and tell me to fuck you harder. You tell me to come on your cock. I’m getting close. You feel very large inside my tight, hot pussy. Your cock fills me up. Yes, this is so good. I ride you harder and faster. I grind my hips into you, rock on top of you.

You’re so deep inside of me. I speed up, and you grab my hips and rock me faster. Oh yes, fuck me harder. I’m coming now. The room spins and my fingers press into your shoulder. You pull me down on top of you, holding me close as my breathing calms.

Then you roll me over and start thrusting deep inside me, slowly at first, then faster. I feel you grow even larger. You bend my knees and push my legs up over your shoulders, and you fuck me faster and faster. Fuck me hard, baby, yes, that’s it!

You tell me you want to fill me with your juice. You tell me how good I feel and how tight I am. You tell me you want me to come with you and feel our juices mingle together.

Oh yes, baby, I’m almost there! You moan as you start coming, and I scream with you. I feel your hot juices shoot inside of me and it drives me over the edge. I come again and again.

You hold me tight against you as we try to breath normally. After resting a bit I tell you I have to head home. My husband is probably waiting for me and I don’t want him to get suspicious. If he finds out about us, no doubt he’ll put an end to our fun!

Name and address withheld

THE FORUM WOMAN: Studies in Female Sexuality

Name: Kara J.
Age: 24
Work: Filmmaker
Place: New York City

My first orgasm from masturbating happened at about 18. If it was not an actual orgasm, it is the first thing I can remember that comes close. I was mildly curious about what it was that I was actually experiencing. I never felt guilty, because I never felt that I was doing anything wrong or unusual. Had I known I was masturbating and that it was a mortal sin, I would have been devastated.

I also loved reading sex magazines, I think I learned a lot from them. In those little sex mags were pictures of naked ladies with saggy breasts. Even then, I hated saggy breasts. I would hoard the magazines and keep them in a secret place where I could look at them in privacy. They really served two functions. First, they helped me learn about my body, and by extension, the female body. Second, they helped me feel comfortable about masturbating because all the naked women seemed to be sexually open and uninhibited. I wanted to be open too.

I began to have sexual fantasies when I began to have orgasms. I rarely have orgasms through intercourse. I usually climax by having someone go down on me. Anyway, my first real orgasm was with a man who patiently gave me head for about 20 minutes. During that time I fantasized about making love to my then best friend. She was married and I would fantasize about how she preferred me sexually over her husband.

My fantasies have gotten increasingly more complex and mechanistic. They can get quite elaborate. They usually involve several persons, but I am always in charge. There are always one or two men present in my fantasies. They are unusually beautiful, with large well formed bodies and large handsome penises. They dance for me. I watch their hard beautiful penises twirl and bounce as they dance. I get more and more excited as I watch them dance. They vary their movements with long swirling chiffon veils which they use to cover and reveal their throbbing organs. Just when I think I can no longer stand to watch such a beautiful sight, I pull open a curtain and reveal to them the figure of one of my former lovers. This marvelous sight makes me climax.

Some of my fantasies involve my former husband. He is in a state of perpetual titillation, always just on the verge of orgasm, about to climax, but never quite able to, since I control whatever it is that is titillating him. I especially love to do this since I know he is unable to enjoy sex without an orgasm.

I am not that easily turned on by most sex. Ordinary intercourse does not excite me particularly, unless it is with a young and beautiful hairless guy about 19. They’re at a good age to have their heads screwed up by a slightly older woman. They usually think of me as beautiful and sophisticated, and I love to give head to them. Girls their own age usually don’t know how to give good head. I give exquisite head. I was a call girl for a time and learned how to give head properly. I love to feel the warm semen shoot into my mouth. I feel very much in control when that happens. I always savor it for a while before I let it slide slowly down my throat. I’m always amazed at how different everybody tastes.

I love to be eaten myself. I hate men who are not skillful at oral sex, since the only way I can ever climax is by fantasizing while someone is eating me. I can’t stand men who slobber their tongues over my vagina. Women are better at eating other women, because they know what to do. Black men, at least the dozen or so I’ve slept with, have usually given excellent head. I hope that does not sound racist, it’s just that that’s what my experience has been. The only problem with the black men I’ve slept with is that they have some need to see me achieve multiple orgasms. They’re not satisfied to see me come only once. If I feel like it, I fake it, while I think about cleaning I have to do, or the laundry that has to be picked up. If I don’t feel like it, I push them away. I always push men away when I come. I don’t like to share my orgasm. I guess that’s why I can’t climax in intercourse.

Meeting people is very easy for me. I am always meeting people wherever I go. I can’t look at a person without wondering about them sexually. I do it automatically, almost without thinking. It’s really a reflex action. I guess a lot of people have the same problem. It only bothers me occasionally, when I think I’m in love and know I can’t be faithful to one person. Even those times I thought I was most in love with a person, though I was spiritually faithful I was never sexually faithful.

As I said, very little turns me on, but sometimes I feel an overpowering urge to get laid that masturbation will not satisfy. When this need comes upon me, I usually pick up a man off the street, take him home, have sex with him, and throw him out. I never let a pickup spend the night. I met my ex husband just this way. I picked him up once. A few months later, I saw him and took him home again. After the second time, I began to see him regularly. I don’t believe in marriage. I married to help him emigrate from England to America.

I turned my husband on to “kinky” sex. He had only fantasized about things before he met me. I lowered his inhibitions. I worked as a call girl to make money for him. I turned him on with stories about the johns I slept with. I loved him madly, passionately, without reason, and then I left him.

I became more of a voyeur after I left him. Pornography turns me on. I have a small but high quality collection of pornography. I also like to go to tacky porno films, like those shown in the Times Square area. I love to watch men make love to each other. There is something very sexy about two seductive, beautiful men caressing each other. That’s why I have so many homosexual male friends. They love me because I am attractive and outrageous. And I love them because they are beautiful. Beauty is its own excuse for being. I don’t like swishy, tacky type gays. I love masculine, well built gay men who are not easily recognized for being homosexual.

I love to watch men dance with each other. There’s a dance I adore called the push ‘n pull. One partner dances very seductively, and suggestively, and the other partner humps him from every conceivable angle. I love to dance with two men who are doing the push ‘n pull. Three people doing this dance offers endless possibility.

I never want to have children. I feel, at this point in my life, that childbearing is an unnatural act. The profiles of pregnant women offend me. I’ll never give up my physical comfort for nine months just to have a kid. When I was younger, I would entertain the idea of having a child by each of the men I ever fucked who were exceptionally beautiful. I felt that this would be a great humanitarian deed: to fill the world with extraordinary beauty. I no longer think that way. Having babies is immoral. I can fill the world with beauty by planting trees on my city block.

I don’t use vibrators that much on myself. I like to persuade my lovers to let me use vibrators on them. I amuse myself by seducing them to agree to it. It is rather like deflowering a virgin I usually have elaborate seduction plans made out in my head beforehand. Once I had a huge, brawny blond Texan drop in on me just as I was taking a bath. I invited him to join me. This ruse served a dual purpose. I made sure he was clean, since he struck me as slightly sloppy in his personal habits, and I infused his innocent little mind with possibility by having sex with him in a bathtub of warm water which smelled of French bath oils. We then proceeded to get very stoned on some lovely Mexican pot. He was so turned on at this point, there was nothing he wouldn’t try.

I love order. Next to youth and beauty, I love order best. But even before these, I love cleanliness. I can’t stand even the slightest speck of dust to be near me. My apartment is antiseptically clean. Even the furniture in my place is white. My values are aesthetic. I am a nut for lean, tight, hard, naked bodies. My body is very spare.

I enjoy being naked most of the time. I hate to wear clothes unless the clothes are leather or see through. I often answer the door naked. I look good nude. There was a beach I used to go to in the country where everyone was young and always naked. It was great! I once rode a motorcycle stark naked across the length of that beach. It really turned me on to do it. Especially since I had shaved all my pubic hairs off. It was so much fun!

Although, now that I’m older, something funny has happened, my breasts have begun to sag. I used to hate it, but, of course, now I have to accept it. However, it doesn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would. I mean I love my body, all bodies, and can find beauty in just about any body if I like and respect its owner.

I used to have sex virtually every day, much more often than I do now. I prefer to watch others at this point. It really is funny. I am very different from the woman who was me a year ago, or the woman who was me two years ago. I really don’t know if the woman who is me this year will get along with the woman who’ll be me next year. I wonder who she’ll be.

But I do know that sex will be a big part of my life. I can offer other people what they want my open legs, my touch and my love.

Right now, I’m one of the least inhibited people I know. I wish I knew who I’ll be 10 years from now. And I really hope I’ll still have very young lovers.