First Floor, Lingerie

I am a certified nymphomaniac— at least that’s what all my virginal girlfriends tell me. What do they know? All I know is I was born with the gift of a beautiful body and a desire to enjoy it to the fullest. I read Forum on a monthly basis and often compare my own experiences to those of your other readers. Here’s one of my recent favorites.

I had a special feeling when I woke up that morning. I never know when or how it’s going to happen, but it always does. After lunch I did my usual walk through the mall. I went inside a boutique and found the wildest things.

My excitement grew as I looked through the sexy lingerie. I grabbed a bunch of really slutty apparel and ran into one of the booths at the back. Then I surveyed my finds. First there was a sheer black nightie. My tits peeked out of the top, all hard and swollen. As I tried more outfits on, I noticed there were no salespeople to check on me. That’s when I found the cameras in the dressing room. I could hear people whisper. I snuck a peek through the curtain. Everybody in the store was watching me on a monitor. So much for the right to privacy. What is this world coming to?

But it was right up my alley. I love to display my goods. I decided to give them what they really wanted. That’s what you call a win win situation. I pulled my panties so high they slipped into the wet crack of my excited pussy. The feeling overwhelmed me. I couldn’t stop now. I rubbed my clit so it would show nicely through the sheer panties. It felt really good. But my poor tits were starting to feel left out. I pulled and rubbed my nipples until they were nice and hard.

Now the whispers became louder. I heard a man say, “Look at that cunt. She really wants to get fucked!” He had that right. But there was more. A woman snapped back, “And I want to be the one to do it.”

That really got me excited. I am an equal opportunity employer when it comes to the sexes. I put on a black garter belt and long red sheer stockings I’d plucked off the shelves. I slowly slid them up my smooth legs. My finger traveled higher and soon disappeared into my moist pussy. I began to moan and twitch my body all over the dressing room. I wanted to drive them all wild, to make them as hot as I was.

I lifted one of my huge, succulent tits up to my chin and my tongue flicked the hard nipple. My teeth nibbled at my areola and my lips suckled my breast. Meanwhile, the two fingers in my cunt were going mad.

I needed more. I could hear the men. They were going insane watching me and waiting. Their stiff cocks were in their hands, jutting rudely out of their pants. I kept masturbating with two juicy fingers up my saucy twat. That’s when the orgasms began to shiver through my body.

I felt ready for an orgy. I knew they all wanted one too, so I called out to them, “Come fuck me, take care of this nasty hot cunt, ladies and gentlemen!”

Three men came into the large dressing room at once. Two of them began sucking on my massive tits, while kindly helping me to the carpeted floor. These guys meant business. They opened my legs as wide as they would go. The third man stood over me with the biggest cock I’d ever seen. My jaw dropped. But he wasn’t interested in tickling my tonsils. He slid inside my juicy cunt to the hilt. In no time he’d picked up the rhythm of the saints and was drumming his stick into me while I bounced on the dressing room carpet.

While the guy with the twelve inch schlong hammered my cunt, the other two salesmen whacked themselves off. Off to the side, I noticed the bespectacled salesgirl watching me getting fucked. She played with her own pussy, rubbing it with one hand while she held her dress up with the other. I motioned her to come over to me.

“Come here and I’ll suck your cunt like no one ever has, slut!” I said with a salivating leer.

The mousy brunette hoisted her skirt, and got down and dirty over my face, while Mr. Fucker continued to expend great amounts of energy screwing my brains out. The girl’s vagina was swollen and begging for my tongue. It tasted just like honey. Around this time, the big fucker’s cock exploded inside my pussy. I screamed like a banshee. The other two dicks spurted their gooey lava in huge ropes in simultaneous response to my fucking frenzy.

This made me even hotter. I rolled the salesgirl over on her slim back. As we French kissed, I slipped my tongue deep into her mouth and played with her molars. She moaned and probed my body with her agile hands.

The salesmen stood around us, playing with themselves some more as they enjoyed the girlie show. These guys were having a fire sale when it came to semen, and everything had to go. Every few minutes a great expenditure of creamy jism would explode across the small room as they beat their engorged meat.

I went to work on the brunette’s tits. They were smaller than mine, but she had saucer sized nipples that were flushed a dark scarlet. They were begging to be sucked, and so was she. My hard sucks turned into playful nibbles.

The mousy salesgirl’s glasses flew off and her bun came undone, letting down a stream of dark brown hair. She was a total slut like me, hiding her ribald sexuality behind a facade! Now the mannequin had come to full blooded, lusty life. She begged me to use her tits to the max in a nasal whine, suggesting she was from Brooklyn, like me. Who was I to refuse a fox like her? With so many good men around just waiting for another excuse to ejaculate again, I gave her tits a good going over. Then I started on her pussy. The men were going crazy all over again.

Two more of them came forward. One stuck a veiny cock in her mouth. She took another, thicker one in her hand. They were both uncircumcised, as fat as Polish sausages. Two hands lifted me by the waist.

I yelled at the jerk to ram my pussy from behind. So he did. It only made me suck that whiny salesgirl’s pussy harder. She came all over my face and it was wonderful.

More come dripped down between my legs along with my own juice. Then, as everyone tangled up with everyone else, one guy ran to the front of the store and put a Closed sign on the door.

Name and address withheld

Man on Third

Although I’m happily married to a sexy blonde named Traci, whose long legs, round ass and perfect breasts keep me panting with lust, it’s her effect on other men that drives me crazy. I’m actively bisexual. I’ve always been comfortable with my dual sexuality, and am also a fervent exhibitionist who delights in wearing shorts and bathing trunks that show off my tall, athletic body.

When I first met Traci, I was dancing regularly for gay men at clubs and private parties. Seemingly conservative, Traci was really quite kinky under the surface. Our love affair blossomed into a marriage of trust and passionate sex.

I quickly discovered that my hot wife also loved exhibitionism and was deeply aroused by my passion for cock. Over the years we’ve teased ourselves with slutty outfits and gay videos, and she regularly fucks my tight ass with large dildos. Our favorite game is going out and letting Traci turn on hunky studs at the gym, the movies or the beach.

I live vicariously through her feminine charms, and she knows just how much I love male flesh and crave masculine attention. My wife has taught me as much as possible about being a woman and loving men. Although we are more like best friends than classic husband and wife, we do fuck each other a lot.

Although my soul may be catty and feminine, my body is male, so my eight inch cock fills her up. After I ejaculate in my loving wife’s mouth, we both enjoy tasting my come with a sloppy French kiss. We also regularly take turns giving my best friend Josh blowjobs, and then swirl his salty semen between us.

Lately I’ve been wanting Traci to get it on with a group of my buddies so we can share the sensations together. We discussed playing out this fantasy after a hot dildo session, and decided to target four members of my baseball team.

Franco is six feet three and all stud. Traci and I spend countless hours fantasizing about his hairy, Italian body. Mark is six one, with the kind of perfect butt that Traci loves. Tony is the Romeo of the bunch, smooth talking and gorgeous. He’s always flaunting his enormous dick in the locker room. Josh is our regular blowjob friend, whose long, circumcised cock drives us wild every time we suck it off.

On Friday, after the weekly game, the sweaty guys came over to find Traci dressed in a mini dress and four inch heels. She arranged the guys in a circle and asked them to pull out their cocks, which they gladly did. I couldn’t stand to sit on the sidelines and just watch, and immediately joined her in the center of the circle. My wife and I stripped down to matching G strings and got ready for action.

I focused on Franco because his thick cock was tantalizingly uncircumcised. Traci took turns blowing Josh, Mark and Tony. Finally, Franco began to fuck my face furiously. Everyone stopped to watch as he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his come all over my lips and chin.

As Traci began licking the jism off my face, Josh slid his cock inside her. I looked down to see Tony pounding his huge nine inch bat into Mark’s ass. I was surprised to see my baseball team go to third base so quickly, let alone slide all the way home.

Franco had recovered from his orgasm and lifted my legs up as his new erection took aim at my own hungry hole. I gasped as my Italian lover plowed my ass. Then I was showered with another serving of Franco’s semen.

The orgy never let up. Josh was coming in Traci’s cunt, and Tony was squirting his load up Mark’s ass. We all kept at it for hours.

Traci and I now service all the guys on the team whenever they’re in the mood. We always are!

B.R., San Diego, California

Government Issue

Like thousands of people who have farm and home loans with Uncle Sam, I visit a local office once a month to make payments. I have found their employees to be very helpful.

As a matter of fact, two of their lovely secretaries, Vanessa and Andrea, have proved themselves to be as willing to give as to take. As an African American who had never been with a white woman before, the thrill of their open flirtation was doubled.

One evening after I’d made a payment, Vanessa followed me out to the parking lot. She said she and Andrea were having a district meeting in another town the next night and asked me to come. Since it was an out of town trip, their husbands wouldn’t be there. “I guarantee you’ll have a good time,” she said. She gave me a quick kiss and I watched her cute little ass wiggle as she walked back in.

It was a long drive down to the hotel where we were staying, but I suspected it would be well worth it. As I walked to Vanessa’s room, my hard on was practically popping through my pants.

When she opened the door, Vanessa was wearing an outfit that left little mystery about how great her body was. This lady was a vixen if ever there was one. She had a beautiful face, a tan body and perfect creamy tits with fat nipples. Before I could say anything, she stripped and then kissed me most passionately. My hands went to her little round ass. As I undressed she kept kissing me, but I noticed her hands were trembling. “Relax,” I said, “I’ll take care of you.”

When she looked down at my hard brown cock she said, “I’ve wondered a long time what a black man’s penis would look and feel like.” The secretary slowly went to her knees, rubbing my dick and balls. My hands went to the back of her head as I gently guided her to my ebony shaft. Her wet mouth took in the first few inches, as her long hands reached around and held the cheeks of my ass.

The sight of her pretty face sliding down my boner made my semen spray down her throat. I kept spurting off as she sucked. I leaned back against the wall until the dedicated secretary had finished milking my prick.

Then I pulled the horny girl up to me. Her hot breath smelled of my jism. I carried her into the bedroom and had my second surprise of the night. Andrea was lying in bed, naked and smiling.

I lay Vanessa on the bed as Andrea kissed and fondled me back to a king size erection. Over my shoulder I heard Vanessa say, “Tell him what you really want, Andrea.”

Andrea stopped kissing me and whispered desperately in my ear, “Take me from behind, doggie style.” She turned over on her hands and knees. Vanessa watched her friend stick her ass high in the air. I positioned myself behind her lovely tail and watched her tan legs bend forward, shoving her butt cheeks further up for easy access. What a sight! It was perfect, pale white and all mine.

I held her cheeks firmly as my dick slid into her tight, slick pussy. The deeper my dick went in, the more she moaned. As I ran all of my cock into her cunt, she squeezed the sheets in startled ecstasy. Her face registered her pleasant surprise at being so full of big, black cock.

It was the tightest pussy I’d ever had. My balls bounced against her ass while my long, skinny prick thrust in and out like a machine. The girl was getting the fucking of her life, and by the way she was screaming her head off, urging me to fuck her harder, she knew it too.

It wasn’t long before I blew a load of come deep in her box. I fell back onto the bed and watched a strand of come drip from her hole, making a little puddle on the sheets. Instantly Vanessa was on my stick, licking both my semen and her friend’s honey with her luscious tongue.

As my dick rose, ready for more, Vanessa squatted down and lowered her splendid body onto it. She took it all and humped in high gear as I squeezed her firm butt. She grunted loudly and hunched over my tool, making the bed shake. She whimpered and shook as she came, then collapsed sobbing with relief.

When she rolled off, Andrea climbed on. Soon she was riding hard. When she came, she fell forward on my sweaty body. That’s when I had my third surprise of the night.

Vanessa sat up and said, “Keep it hard, you’re going to have more company.”

That’s when she told me their office manager was about to join us. Vanessa then explained the relationship she, Andrea and Tanya had. It seems that on these business trips they shared more than a room— they shared each other. They hoped I wouldn’t mind. I didn’t mind one little bit. The situation sounded better than good. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Right on time,” Vanessa said.

When the door opened Tanya came in. I’d seen her before, a sophisticated woman in her early forties with a bit of an arrogant streak in her classy demeanor. I had often imagined looking down on her snooty face as she urged me to feed her more black cock.

She sat in a chair by the bed, took one look at the girls and said, “Do your stuff.”

Vanessa and Andrea then got side by side on the bed, on all fours. The icy bitch with the beautiful face then turned to me with a wicked smile and said, “It’s all yours, stud.”

I laughed out loud at the remark and chose Andrea to be first on the receiving end of my anal explorations. Andrea looked over her shoulder and said, “Nice and easy, big boy.”

At first I went in to her lubricated anus nice and slow. But soon she was asking for harder and deeper thrusts as her puckering hole adjusted to the size and shape of my implement.

I screwed her like a piston. She took every inch up her butt. As I was boning Andrea, Tanya eyed my muscular ass working overtime on the girls from her office. Then I pulled out and went to work on Vanessa’s anus, buggering the secretary into seventh heaven, as her bangs fell over her face and her long red fingernails tore into the pillow. She experienced wave after wave of a shattering anal orgasm.

I pulled out, ejaculating a rich pool of come over Vanessa’s distended asshole and round cheeks. Andrea whined for more cock up her ass as Tanya crawled onto the bed next to us.

She had stripped naked and her big white tits hung low as her face went to Andrea’s ass, inches from where my dick was pounding it. She rubbed Andrea’s legs and butt. I pulled my dick out, expecting she would suck it down, but her red lips went straight to Andrea’s sweet pussy.

As she licked and sucked the wriggling office girl, I gazed at her voluptuous body. Her full size ass was in the air and she suggested I use it for what it was meant for. I took the suggestion, got behind her and whispered, “I am going to fuck your asshole.”

Tanya arrogantly implied her ass would be the best I’d ever had. I’d always wanted to fuck an arrogant woman with class, and I did not doubt for one minute that she was probably right. Tanya stopped working on Andrea’s pussy and bit down on a pillow in anticipation.

I lubricated all ten inches of my spear with semen, and tested the opening of the bureaucrat’s anus. It was tight, but she was eager to receive my application for anal assistance and soon took me all the way in.

Vanessa and Andrea were no longer watching the spectacle of their friend getting anal ized. Instead they were spending a little time getting to know each other’s vulva better, sliding into a nice and nasty 69.

I grabbed Tanya’s big, creamy ass with both hands and sent my dick speeding into her tightness. This beautiful snob moaned with pleasure as the biggest cock she’d ever felt filled her anal passage. I felt glad to be alive.

I jimmied a few jets of steaming come deep in her hole. I pumped like a fireman until I’d squeezed it all out, then slid my sticky hose out of her and lay on the bed, satisfied. Seeing I was all tuckered out, the ladies continued the orgy all around me. I’ll never forget that great night. It was good to see such teamwork from government employees.

M.J., Omaha, Nebraska

Guided Sex Tour

I recently graduated Phi Beta Kappa from an Ivy League university. My parents were so proud of my accomplishment that they gave me a trip to Europe as a graduation present. My story begins after I had seen London, Paris and Amsterdam, which were all great— but sex free zones as far as I was concerned.

After visiting Milan, I thumbed a ride north. At a restaurant near the Brenner Pass I noticed a small, silver motor home pull into the parking lot. Three striking young women got out. They appeared slightly older than myself and were all wearing shorts and skimpy tops. They walked into the tiny restaurant bar and ordered drinks. Before long they struck up a conversation with me.

Soon we were joking around like old friends and I was invited to join them, as we were headed in the same direction. One of the women was Swedish, one was a black girl from England, and the third was French.

With night approaching we decided to eat in the restaurant and spend the night in its secluded parking lot. At dinner we drank lots of good wine. My strong legs were being constantly caressed by all three women, leaving no doubt in my mind as to what was ahead. Finally, as we were about to leave the bar, the French girl pressed closer and said, “Are you man enough to take care of all three of us?”

I assured her I was man enough for thirty three women, and they led me, giggling, back to their place. The motor home was just one huge bed in the rear, and it quickly became the center of our wild sexual abandon. The English girl went down on my swollen cock, engulfing it whole in one gulp, while the French girl straddled my face and pressed her wet blonde bush into my mouth. The Swedish chick was busy sharing my cock with her black friend, but had to content herself with getting a mouthful of balls.

The black girl quickly mounted my erection and dropped her big, beautiful ass right down on it. Wriggling on my face like a fish out of water, the French coquette rode a long, crazy orgasm, courtesy of my hyperactive tongue. While she came in waves, she French kissed the ebony Brit while stroking the Swede’s tawny mane.

From there it became even wilder, with the three women taking turns squatting on my face and on my dick. When my animal groans signaled I was about to fire off another round of hot jism, one of the three babes would quickly grip the base of my thick veined scepter and feel its ejaculating pulse, while another orifice would swallow my meat whole.

This beat any of the five star hotels I’d read about in the guidebooks. My fellow travelers were so impressed with my unending supply of semen and my continuous hard on that they eagerly agreed to keep the show on the road for as long as possible.

The swinging chick from London and the slinky French wench, Angelique, turned to each other in an explicit 69, which I eagerly watched while eating out the busty Swede. She was a beautiful girl with a huge blonde bush between her slim, muscular legs. She dripped her honey into my open mouth and uttered a rebel yell as I licked the butter platter between her legs clean.

Satisfied, the Swede gently took my penis in her mouth and without touching my balls licked around the purple head. Her efforts were richly rewarded as I filled her throat with warm, white spunk. It spattered her lips. The sight drove the other two ladies, entwined in their 69, over the cliff. They climaxed, screaming for each other as I gripped onto their flapping titties, urging them to faster, harder orgasms. When they came together they nearly blew the roof off their sex mobile.

From then on, we were all for one and one for all. Driving through the Alps, heading to Northern Europe, we made sure to stop at every observation point to fuck and suck. It was the longest part of my vacation, and by far the most rewarding. The orgy seemed to never end.

We spent our last night together in Copenhagen, and this time I made sure to come in each of their pussies, mouths and assholes. These randy nymphos managed to lick each other’s pussies and my randy cock more times than I thought possible! For European chicks, I guess, casual sex is really no big deal.

T.W., Boston, Massachusetts


Now that Disney has colonized most of New York’s Times Square, one of the surviving X rated establishments might consider welcoming the new neighbors with an adults only tribute to The Little Mermaid. She wouldn’t have to be all that little, or even a cartoon at least not the kind familiar to the folks in the Magic Kingdom’s art department.

We’ve always loved mermaids. In Splash, Daryl Hannah provided fantasy fodder for a generation of young sailors. For the generation before, it was the water ballet beneath the bubbling springs of Florida’s Weeki Wachee tourist mecca slinky feminine forms moving in graceful circles. If you saw that TV commercial on Monday, you were good for the week.

Mermaids are one of our most durable, universal sexual images. As Diane Ackerman points out in her Natural History of Love, they are part of the mythic framework of people around the world. In the 1600s sailors were still recording mermaid sightings in their logs. Long months at sea, plus a few flagons of rum, will do that to you.

You’re likelier to hook one trolling through starlets at a Hollywood party. These may be the mermaids Ackerman has in mind when she writes, “Drugged by their dangerous sensuality, men long for them as a sort of sexual heroin, even though they know the romance will end badly.” I think we all know the type.

Smooth belly and naked bosom, spectacularly flowing hair, supple flesh tapering into exquisite fishtail the image once seen isn’t forgotten. Mermaids are sort of like us but are destined to remain exotic, out of reach. They are totally innocent and totally free. In reality, they are women we’ve given superhuman characteristics symbolic of the sexual power women wield over us. When they call, we have no choice but to follow.

The idea of mermaids as femmes fatales comes in good part from the Sirens of Greek mythology, who have sometimes been depicted in art as mermaids. Their heavenly singing voices and their remarkable beauty lured sailors to the rugged shores of their home, whereupon the men would crash into the rocks and die.

The easy interpretation here is that a tempting woman is a wicked woman, a lure to suicide. And sure, somewhere in there you can find a warning about the vanity and fickleness of women. But why point fingers of blame if you’re just out for a good time? Men might take the story as advice to go with their lust, just being careful where they drop anchor.

Carmen Ficarra