Deep Thrust

I am very excited about something that has changed my sex life forever. It all started when Daniel, my husband of eight years, decided to give me a gift. Daniel wanted to give me something I would really enjoy, so he made an appointment for me to have a massage.

I was thrilled at the idea of being pampered in that fashion, and couldn’t wait until the day I would go. Daniel said I deserved it, because I have such a hot body. He loves my long legs and my firm, high buttocks. He also dotes on the rest of me: I have 34C breasts with small, hard nipples, and a beautifully shaped torso.

Daniel drove me to my massage appointment. From the outside, the place looked more like a prestigious portrait studio. Once inside, I realized I was entering another world. Red velvet drapes hung from the ceiling and there were throngs of scantily dressed men and women milling about.

Before I could begin to imagine what kind of place this was, the woman behind the counter informed me that Thor was ready to give me my massage. Hearing that name made me realize that this was going to be more than I had expected. By that time my heart was racing, and Daniel was smiling seductively at me.

I was a little apprehensive, but ready for anything. As the attendant led me to a private, candle lit room, I felt my pussy getting extremely moist.

There was a small waterfall in one corner of the room, and its gentle sound made me feel a little more relaxed. The woman told me I should undress completely and lie down on the massage table. I knew that Daniel was getting aroused as he watched me undress. We both were excited, waiting for a complete stranger to manipulate my body.

When Thor walked in, I was lying facedown with my ass in plain view. He looked like a very masculine male model. He had long, dark hair, and his muscular thighs were barely covered by a loincloth. He introduced himself before proceeding with the massage. Daniel took a seat in another corner of the room.

Thor poured a thin line of musky oil from my shoulder blades down to the crease of my ass. As he massaged my shoulders with his powerful hands, I turned my head so that I could watch my husband. Thor kneaded my back very deeply and all the tension I felt melted away into erotic pleasure.

Thor began telling me what a beautiful body I had as he slowly slid his hands down to the small of my back. Then he said I had a perfect ass that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. He told me his cock had stiffened the minute he saw it. I was so excited by all this talk that my ears began buzzing. I didn’t hear everything he said.

When Thor slid his big hands along my ass cheeks, I thought I was about to come. Daniel continued staring into my eyes as Thor manipulated the globes of my ass. My pussy was gushing love juices onto the massage table. I tried to keep myself from coming. I instinctively parted my legs, and I was instantly rewarded with the thrill of Thor’s hand in that intimate space.

He expertly slid his fingers over my pussy, from front to back. The sound of the waterfall and the aroma of my cunt juice filled the quiet room, creating a highly erotic altered state. Thor quickened his hand movements and then slipped two fingers up my pussy hole. I moaned loudly at that point, and spread my legs wider.

I continued to stare into my husband’s eyes as this stranger manipulated my most private parts. Thor took some of the musky oil and lubricated my asshole with it. He stuck his thumb up my ass for openers, then placed the head of a vibrator at the entrance. He urged me to exert my ass muscles against it.

“Push back against the vibrator like you have to… ” He left the rest of the phrase unsaid, but I understood perfectly. I did as he said. The vibrator slid halfway into my rectum. I moaned in pleasure. Daniel stood, unzipped his pants and began stroking his stiff cock. Thor slid his fingers in and out of my pussy while he manipulated the vibrator in my asshole. Suddenly, both holes contracted. Again involuntarily, I screamed out my ecstasy.

I had barely recovered from the intensity of my orgasm when Daniel said the massage was over, and that we must leave. Thor kissed me good bye, and Daniel led me out.

On the way home, Daniel was breathing very rapidly and gazing at me with intense desire. In fact, he couldn’t wait to get home. He pulled in at the first motel he saw, and quickly got us a room. Once inside, we stripped in record time. Daniel fucked me three times, with overpowering passion. We’d never made love so beautifully.

In the following week, Daniel fucked me every chance he got. He couldn’t get enough of eating my pussy or finger fucking both of my holes. On that Friday, he offered to take me back for another massage. I quickly agreed, and Daniel finger fucked me all the way there.

This time, Thor and another powerfully built man named Trojan massaged me while Daniel looked on. As their strong hands roamed freely over my naked body, I kept bucking my hips in the fashion of someone wanting very badly to be well fucked. Thor fingered my pussy as Trojan stuck a finger up my ass. Each got his mouth on one of my tits for a lovely sucking session. I enjoyed the attention of those two hunks immensely. The multiple stimulation was incredible.

Then Thor then asked me to sit on his lap. I had never gone wrong doing as he asked, so I did so quite happily. He slid my very wet pussy down on his cock. At the same time, Trojan placed his cockhead at the entrance to my asshole. I looked forward to a double fuck right there in front of my husband. My heart was racing as I gloried in the multiple sensations of two studs’ cocks against my twin love holes, as well as Daniel’s hot stare.

As the boys both slid their cocks into me, Daniel got up from his chair and began to kiss me passionately. My feelings were erotic and lewd, but they made me long even more for Daniel’s cock. The two men began fucking in earnest, and I screamed out my great pleasure.

Then Daniel got into the act. He told the boys to pull their cocks out of me, and they did so with, I think, some reluctance on their parts. Certainly there was some on mine. But not for long. Daniel climbed on the table and gave me a good old fashioned fucking while the professionals watched him. He fucked with a fervor that took my breath away.

I raised my legs up over his shoulders, and joyfully pounded my pelvis right back at him. Daniel couldn’t get enough of this. Again and again he fucked me, both in my pussy and in my asshole. There were times that I lost track of which hole he was hosing. The sensations were overwhelming. I came repeatedly, and Daniel’s hot come overflowed from both my vagina and my ass.

Since that week, Daniel and I have been regular visitors to the sex club. I have never known him to be so loving and passionate. As kinky as it may sound, it’s an intimate bonding experience all couples should experience.

J.T., Los Angeles, California

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