More Diapers, Please

I must say that I’m disappointed. For many months Forum published letters concerning infantile fetishes, specifically diapers. I never miss an issue but I haven’t seen letters about diapers in Forum for a long time. How about some more? Every letter about diapers helps relieve my anxiety and my guilt.

Forum enabled me to discover that other people in the world enjoy wearing diapers besides me. Thanks to you, I told my wife about it and now, with her indulgence, I wear diapers to bed. I would like her to diaper me and would also like to diaper her, but I haven’t the nerve to ask her. Maybe she will get the idea if you print more letters on the subject.

I make my diapers from two and one quarter yards of flannelette material, 48 inches wide. I fold it in thirds to make it 27 inches wide and then fold in 12 inches to make six thicknesses in the front where it counts the most. I pin my diaper on with two blanket pins, about three inches long.

When I’m alone I like to wear nothing but a nice, soft comfortable diaper and open the drapes and doors and “dare” people to look at what I’m doing. Unfortunately though, so far no one has seen me. Even though I have a desire to expose myself with my diapers on, I think I’d probably be so scared that if I was caught I’d need a diaper change!

I hope to hear more from you and other readers about infantilism and other baby related fetishes.

G.K., Hightstown, New Jersey

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