Rock Hard

I’ve been part of a traveling band for a few years now and we have more than our fair share of groupie stories. When you’re a guitarist in a rock band, it isn’t hard to attract chicks, especially when you look and play like Gavin Rossdale. I have a regular woman back home in sweet Alabama, but when I’m on the road it’s sex, weed and rock ‘n’ roll all the way.

This particular night we were well into the first set at a kick ass venue when the sound of a Harley could distinctly be heard over our pounding music. A moment later a woman came into the bar dressed in leather and sat down at a table in the corner. She motioned for a beer and pulled her helmet off, releasing a torrent of long, dirty blonde hair.

She settled back in her chair, pulled out a pack of Marlboros and placed one between her full red lips. The Zippo flared, showing off her high cheekbones and gray eyes. Then her Bud came and she began to sip from it suggestively, giving new meaning to the phrase “head of beer.” I could play our tunes blindfolded and in a coma, so it wasn’t hard for me to spend most of my time watching her.

I began to get fancy with my strings, doing some guitar hero tricks. I could tell this babe was really into my hot licks from the way she put her jackboots up and leaned back to get a better look at me. I started moving to the edge of the stage closest to her, suggestively thrusting my Fender Mustang in her direction. The ten inch bulge in my tight leather pants provided backup. From the way she licked her lips, I could tell she wanted a backstage pass badly.

After the set, the owner announced a twenty minute break and I headed for the bar. Just as I’d expected, the biker babe soon sauntered up beside me. In a sultry voice colored by Jack Daniels and a pack a day habit, she asked if she could buy me a drink. They were on the house anyway, but who was I to turn this fox down. I ordered a bourbon on the rocks and drained it in one gulp.

Jessica brushed my rough shaven jaw with a long red nail and asked if she could have my rocks. Before I could answer, she’d taken a cube into her mouth and was playing with it. Then she stuck her long tongue out and showed me the melted ice, which dripped down her chin like come.

“Want to fuck?” she asked. This was the best kind of fast forward. I told her to meet me after the show but she just threw her hair back and laughed.

“You don’t get it, do you? I want you now, before the next set,” she said. I was going to object, but she quickly explained that her old man was coming by in about half an hour and he was one mean dude. She didn’t usually cheat on him, but I looked too good to pass up.

I’m no quickie fan, but this heavy metal woman was a vision of pure sex. She had great tits and her ass was boss. We quickly went out the side exit into an alley by the parking lot. Her Harley was parked by the brick wall and she leaned back against the seat, unzipping her pants with her long, ringed fingers. “Eat me,” she said in a husky moan.

I bent down and began to lick and suck her shaved pussy as she gripped my hair in both hands. As my tongue sank farther and farther into her sopping hole she straddled my head with her boots and clung to me like she was born to be wild. I fucked her with my tongue until her tightened thighs started making me breathless. I came up for air and she pulled my erection out.

“Nice cock,” she said, playing with the shaft. There wasn’t much time before I had to be on stage again, and I definitely wanted to do this woman right. I went to shove my tip between her dusky pussy lips, but Jessica said that she wanted a backdoor man.

Then she bent over her Harley and pulled her chaps down to her ankles, revealing the sweetest piece of tail I’d ever had the opportunity to ball. I lubricated my dick with my spit and inserted the first five inches of my erection directly into her butthole. Jessica yelped like a banshee and asked me to butt fuck her to kingdom come.

I rammed the remaining five inches of rock hard cock into her asshole as her monster boobs slapped against the gas tank. She gripped the handlebars and I rode her for all she was worth. She was great. Her long hair hung over her face as she called me every name in the book. I dug my fingers into her sweating ass cheeks and jerked my cock back and forth into her anus. I shot my load like a bat out of hell and pulled out to see one exhausted biker babe frig herself off with a fast clit job. She sagged over the hog and I lit a cigarette to watch her writhing cunt and ass finish the work I’d started.

Just then the sound of another Harley could be heard. Jessica quickly pulled up her pants, gave me a quick kiss and said, “Thanks for the screw.” Then she got on her bike and hightailed it out of the alley around to the front.

I slipped in the exit just as the other guys started to play and was soon on stage. Jessica came in a minute later with the meanest looking mother I’d ever seen and proceeded to sit at the same table as before. She winked and it was like d j vu, except this time, I had nothing to play for but the roar of the crowd.

A month later we swung back into town on the last leg of our tour and ended up playing two nights at the same dive. Both evenings Jessica and I repeated our performance. I guess she never told her old man, because I’m still alive. And no groupie has come close to her since.

T.M., Birmingham, Alabama

A Raker’s Tale

My name is Dennis and I’m twenty years old. I recently had a dream come true, as unbelievable as it sounds. I’m a yardman, and my employer is the most beautiful woman ever. She’s in her late twenties, and she has a tight ass and big tits.

One day I was working in her yard with a coworker. At the end of the day we went into the house to collect our pay. When we walked in, we found her on the bed, totally naked. Her eyes were shut. I’d always wanted to fuck this lady, and this seemed like an open invitation.

I started kissing her pussy. When her eyes flew open, I told her this was just a dream. I licked her pussy and she started moaning. At the same time, my friend was feeding her his cock.

I stopped eating her and took my jeans off, then put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her with everything I had.

She screamed, “Oh yeah, fuck me. I want that cock.” I fucked her while my friend got his cock sucked. Then I positioned her on her hands and knees, and my friend got under her while I fucked her doggie style. My friend licked her clit for a few minutes before pulling away.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “It’s my turn now.”

She started to rock back and forth on my cock. Then she got up, turned around and started sucking my cock. When I moaned with pleasure, she looked up at me and winked. I pulled out just as I was about to come. I laid her on her back and squeezed her tits together. I put my cock between them and tit fucked her. I shot all over her chest. When we all got up off the bed, she kissed us and said that that was our pay. You know, I’ll take her pussy as pay anytime.

D.B., Far Hills, New Jersey

Party Favors

I don’t often take risks, unless there’s something I really want. When my cousin talked me into going to a party with her, I didn’t think there would be any fun in it for me. But that was only until we got there and I saw him standing across the room. Within minutes, our eyes met and I knew this would be a chance to let my hair down and have some fun.

I was going to ask my cousin to introduce us, but she had disappeared with one of her friends. Feeling this guy’s eyes on me, I suddenly felt flushed. I walked out onto the terrace for some fresh air. When I heard the door open and close behind me, I knew it was him.

His arms came around me as I turned, and he said, “I didn’t know if you were going to come back, so I thought I’d follow you.”

Looking into his deep green eyes, I knew what was going to happen. From the look in his eyes, he knew too. Not caring about anything but how this man was making me feel, I watched him bend his head toward mine. Our lips met and suddenly nothing else existed. As our tongues came together our passion exploded. We broke apart only long enough to unbutton each other’s shirt. When his bare skin touched mine, it drove me crazy with need. His searching lips made a path from my mouth down my neck, and he pulled my shirt open. I pulled his shirt out of his pants so I could touch more of him with my trembling hands. His hands explored my body, and then he lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Never before had anyone made me feel like this. I’d forgotten where I was, forgotten that someone could walk out and catch us at any minute.

With my back against the wall and my lips on his, he let me down and lifted my skirt so he could grab my panties and pull them off. Before they hit the ground, his penis was out of his pants and thrusting toward me. Taking it into my hands, I began stroking and teasing him just as someone opened the terrace door. My hands fell away from him and he thrust himself inside me. No one came out, though. I guessed they just wanted to let some cool air in. Gasping as his mouth returned to mine, I forgot about everything but what was happening between me and this mystery man. I met him thrust for thrust. When I heard laughter coming through the open door, it made me feel wanton, lent an edge to what we were doing. I was so excited by the thrill of possible discovery.

Thrusting faster and faster, we climaxed together. Breathlessly holding each other in the aftermath of what we had just experienced, we started laughing, unable to believe that we’d had sex where anyone could have seen us. For the first time in my life, I had acted without thinking about the results of what I was doing. It felt damn good, and I had no regrets.

We straightened our clothes and walked back into the party. I held his hand and followed him through the living room and into the hallway. We kept walking until we found an empty room, away from the rest of the party, a combination study and bedroom.

I followed him in and closed the door behind me. The next thing I knew, we were in each other’s arms again. Kissing him seemed as natural and necessary as breathing to me. I just had to do it. He unbuttoned my shirt as I groped at his, pulling it off over his head. When my shirt finally slipped from my arms, we couldn’t get enough of each other. Once we started kissing we didn’t want to stop. He reached behind me and unzipped my skirt. I kicked it off along with my shoes.

He unfastened my bra and I dropped it to the floor. I stood in front of him wearing just my panties and stockings. I reached for the top of his pants to undo them, then slipped my hands inside and pushed them down far enough to release his penis. I gasped as I felt the length of him against my stomach. He stepped away from me just long enough to pull off the rest of his clothes, and then his arms were back around me.

I reached between us and grasped his cock, and had a wonderful feeling of power as it hardened in my hands. He was unable to stand this sweet torture long, and soon pulled my hands away and began to work on me. One of his hands made its way down my body, driving me slowly crazy, for I knew exactly where it was going to stop. My knees were growing weaker by the minute, so I held onto his shoulders as he slipped one finger inside me. I thrust my hips against his hand as his fingers did amazing things to me.

When I could stand no more I cried out and he swung me up into his arms. I assumed we were headed to the bed, but instead he carried me toward the desk. With one quick swipe of his arm he cleared the desk of its books and files. He pulled my panties off, tossed them aside and placed me on the desk. He stood between my legs, looking at me, and suddenly entered me with one hard, fast motion. I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn’t pull away, and rose to meet his every thrust. I kissed him like I’ve never kissed anyone before. He put his hands on my hips to pull me closer and pressed his cock even deeper inside, and I was overcome by the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever experienced. Just then, he reached his climax.

When we were finally able to speak, he said in a husky voice, “By the way, I forgot to mention, my name’s Mark.”

Laughing at the way he put it, I said, “Well, we were a little busy. I’m Jo.”

He then surprised me all over again by lifting me off the desk and carrying me to the bed. “Don’t you think it’s time for us to try this in the more traditional way, Jo?” he asked as he got on top of me. I laughed and agreed, and then rolled him over so that I was on top. I started kissing my way down his body, using my tongue to drive him crazy. Brushing up against his penis, I felt him shudder and looked up into his eyes. What I saw there made me smile. I kissed his inner thighs, making my way to what I was really seeking. He groaned in frustration when I kissed him lightly. Knowing he wanted more, I took him into my mouth. He soon drew me back up and gave me a hungry kiss that spoke volumes of his need. Turning me over onto my back, he began sucking my nipples. Just when I’d think he was done, he’d go to the other and take it in his mouth, sucking until I could hardly bear it. He made his way down my body until he stopped suddenly and looked up at me. Knowing what he was going to do nearly drove me over the edge. He lowered his head to my very essence and I jumped at the touch of his tongue. There was no way I could stop the amazing things he was making me experience. I knew I would always remember this wild, erotic night. Finally I couldn’t take anymore and I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back up to me. I brought his lips to mine as my arms encircled his neck.

The tip of his penis touched me lightly, then he thrust himself inside me again. I tightened my legs around his hips to pull him deeper into me. I gasped as we both came. Feeling his breath against my shoulder, I knew that he felt the magic between us just as I did. He held me tightly as he turned onto his side, as if he couldn’t bear to be separated from me. Feeling him kiss my temple, I looked up and asked, “How long do you think we have before someone looks for us?”

He looked at me with an amused expression and said, “Unless your friend said something, I doubt anyone even noticed we’re gone. Why?”

“I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to know how much time we’ve got before someone walks in on us.”

“Don’t worry. I locked the door,” he said with a shrug of his broad shoulders.

“So we have plenty of time to ourselves then?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said. “So what do you say we don’t waste any more of it?”

Without giving him a chance to say anything else, I kissed him hard. I was rewarded with the feel of him growing hard again inside me. He began to move, thrusting into me, his hands on my hips. Breaking the kiss, we continued riding each other hard and fast. All kinds of emotions came over me as I looked into his eyes and climaxed. Feeling his hands tighten on me, I knew he had come again too.

There were a lot of firsts for me that night and I have no regrets whatsoever. Given the same circumstances, I’d probably do the exact same thing again. I could sense that he felt the same way I did, and we stayed in bed a bit, in each other’s arms, listening to the party start to wind down.

“I guess we should get dressed and head back out,” I said, dreading the prospect.

“Yeah, I guess we should, since it’s my party,” he told me.

Rising from the bed, we dressed in silence. Finally, when we were both presentable again, we turned to each other for one final kiss, knowing it would be our last. Then, with one quick look around the room, he opened the door and we walked out together, just as we had come in. What a night it had been!

Name and address withheld

Romeos, Front and Back

Over the past year my fianc e Juliet and I have revitalized our sex life and forged a stronger, more trusting relationship. How did we do it? Simple! We invited a common male friend to join us in bed.

It started one night when we were all very drunk after a friend’s wedding reception. Juliet and I had talked about having a threesome before. The alcohol and the sight of all our young, attractive friends soon brought the topic back to the surface. As we danced drunkenly, our bodies entwined, our conversation became hotter and hotter. Finally Juliet confessed that she had always found my friend Brad attractive.

The image of Brad and me making a Juliet sandwich popped into my mind. I liked what I saw, so I immediately suggested that we invite Brad to sleep at our house that night. Juliet agreed and I went looking for Brad. It didn’t take me long to find him.

Once home, we told Brad he could sleep in our guest bedroom. Then we headed for our bed. As soon as Juliet was naked, I left to go make our “indecent proposal” to Brad.

I found Brad in the bathroom loading up on aspirin. We talked about the party for a while and then I came to the point. I told him that I trusted him and so did Juliet. Then I asked him if he wanted to come to our bedroom and try something wild.

“Like what?” he asked.

“Like sharing Juliet with me,” I said.

He looked shocked at first but after thinking about it for a moment, he accepted. I’ll bet it was the image of my intended’s body— her pert, upturned breasts and round, plump buttocks among other delights— that decided the matter for him.

I had left the light on in the bedroom so the sight of Juliet might inspire his passion. It did. By the time he was finished stripping, he was as hard as Chinese algebra.

Juliet could barely contain her impatience. No sooner had he climbed into bed than she took hold of his hard on and gulped it into her mouth. A look of shock crossed Brad’s face once again and he turned to me for approval. I smiled and nodded encouragingly, and he got bolder.

We took turns caressing Juliet, kissing and sucking her all over. Then she mounted Brad, and I guided his cock into her dripping pussy. Then I climbed up behind her and entered her ass. I could feel him inside her pussy as I struggled to keep my dick inside her butt. We continued screwing for several hours until we all passed out.

The next day we were all a little embarrassed and didn’t mention the events of the night before for a while. Since then, however, we have been naughty together almost twice a month. Once we even did it in a college friend’s dorm room while unknowing partygoers stood outside. Each time we do it we are a little less drunk. We are beginning to enjoy it more each time as we learn more about pleasing one another.

I will finish by describing our latest encounter. We had invited Brad to visit for the weekend. He was due to arrive at seven Friday evening, and by six thirty Juliet was lying naked in bed fingering herself in anticipation. When the doorbell rang, I went downstairs and escorted our guest to the master bedroom.

Once upstairs, Brad and I stripped hurriedly and joined Juliet on the bed. Juliet had developed a real taste for Brad’s dick. She pushed him onto his back and began sucking him eagerly while I got behind her and licked her pussy. She was dripping with excitement as I put my hardness inside her. She began moaning with pleasure. I was on the verge of coming when Juliet told me to pull out so that Brad could fuck her.

Brad spread her legs and put his dick inside her. As he pumped in and out of her she kept me hard by gripping my dick and kissing me until he came. When he pulled out she got on top of me. As she rode my dick, Brad asked her if she would like two dicks in her at the same time, but she was too far gone to answer coherently. As her orgasm approached, Brad slipped a finger into her asshole. This sent her over the edge. She came with a loud cry and I came a few seconds later.

You might think that was enough but after a short break, we started again— this time with Juliet’s vibrator. She used it on me first. She licked my dick and then rubbed the vibrator up and down the shaft. Then she gave Brad the same treatment. Brad had never felt a vibrator before and it really turned him on. He became hard instantly and told Juliet he wanted to fuck her again. As they fucked I maneuvered the vibrator all around Juliet’s cunt, sending them both to orgasm in record time.

Then it was my turn again. Watching Brad fuck my fianc e had revitalized my erection. As soon as Brad climbed off, I got aboard. Juliet’s cunt was wet and sloppy with come. It felt great! As I pumped my future wife’s cunt Brad got yet another hard on. This delighted Juliet, who told him to bring it on over and stick it in her mouth. As I fucked her, Juliet kept encouraging me to try a lick or two of Brad’s cock, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. When Brad shot his load into her mouth, however, I willingly kissed her and we swirled his come back and forth between our mouths.

When Brad developed yet another erection (I think this was a record for him), Juliet told me to hurry up and come so she could fuck Brad again. I moaned, shot a maddeningly delightful, intense load into her and rolled from her body to the bed.

As soon as I was off her, Juliet mounted Brad’s record setting hard on. As she moved rhythmically up and down on top of him, I began to finger her ass at her request. They both came very fast and we all fell asleep in a pile, exhausted.

It will be tough to top that one, but we are going to visit Brad this weekend while his roommates are out of town, and we intend to try. We are already horny just thinking about it and I know he is too.

Did I mention that my fianc e’s girlfriend is joining us on our trip? Her name’s Gwen, and while nobody’s made any promises, I’m dreaming of her breasts and buttocks and figuring out some sort of arrangement for us all— do I make myself clear?

Now I ask you, isn’t life a ball?

L.D., Washington, D.C.


Was it during the Clarence Thomas hearings, when porn star Long Dong Silver and the notion of a pubic hair on a Coca Cola can made the front page of The New York Times? Or was it before that, when certain porn flicks Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door, The Devil in Miss Jones entered our pop culture awareness?

I think that the main moment of transition occurred when reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post were investigating the Watergate scandal and named their source “Deep Throat.” Recently, NPR commentator Daniel Schorr referred to that journalistic baptism as “recycling the title of a movie.” He didn’t even mention that it was a porn movie.

Deep Throat has become such a mainstream reference that you don’t even have to know that the Linda Lovelace character’s clitoris was imbedded deep in her throat, so that giving head to a man was her only way of having an orgasm.

That’s the kind of stuff that was being discussed at the World Pornography Conference, cosponsored by Cal State Northridge’s Center for Sex Research and the Free Speech Coalition, trade association of the adult entertainment industry. Held at the upscale, family friendly Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, California, it was attended by several hundred college professors, students and porn stars.

At the luncheon a lifetime achievement award was presented to attorney Stanley Fleishman, who has fought many battles for First Amendment rights, and the keynote speech, “In Defense of Pornography,” was given by Nadine Strossen, president of the National ACLU. “Freedom of sexual expression,” she pointed out, “is an essential element of the human rights in general.”

I mean, this event was positively reeking with raunch and respectability. There were intellectual hard ons all over the place. However, conference chairman James Elias was careful to point out, “We’re not endorsing pornography any more than if we held a conference on the news media or serial killers.”

There were fifty eight panels, and after a while I began to get confused as to who were the porn stars and who were the professors. I thought Patti Britton was a vivacious porn star she talked about the use of romance to justify being sexual but she’s a Ph.D. who’s studied the influence of gender on the content and approach of porn videos.

On the other hand, I thought John Stagliano was a Ph.D. he talked about the epistemology of porn films but he is the producer of the Buttman series. Whereas Annie Sprinkle is a porn star who also lectures at art colleges. Just for the purpose of this conference, she obtained a mail order Ph.D. for one hundred twenty five dollars.

My favorite panel was “The Money Shot in Pornography Movies.” Former porn star William Margold referred to the come shot as “the single most important element” in porn films. He has performed in five hundred sex scenes on camera and referred to “the thrill of being able to see my own orgasm on the big screen.” He said that porn is “a facial driven industry, vicarious revenge on the cheerleader who rejected you.”

Margold’s presentation was titled “Get Up, Get In, Get Out, Get Off On Cue.” It reminded me of another session where porn star Christi Lake who had opened a “sex warehouse” in South Africa where a protester complained, “You make me think dirty thoughts” was trying to show a video to the audience but was having trouble with the VCR. She was instructed to “Eject and start over again,” advice that Margold could well have been given by a dissatisfied director.

At home that evening, I decided to watch a video that I’d picked up at the porn conference. There on my TV screen, a half naked couple the man wearing a Bill Clinton mask, the woman wearing a Monica Lewinsky mask are sprawled on the carpet in a replica of the Oval Office. He is masturbating while watching her use his cigar as an organic dildo. Oh, I thought, this video must be from that new breed of creative porn directors who were praised so highly at the conference.

But then I took a closer look. Hey, wait a minute. Those aren’t masks. And that actually is the Oval Office. In fact, this is not a porn flick. Suddenly I realize that I’ve been watching the news. And here comes the come shot now. Clinton’s tapioca splatter lands right on Monica’s cocktail dress. They laugh. She hands him back the glistening cigar, and he lights it, just starting to inhale when he remembers that Yasser Arafat is waiting patiently in the Rose Garden for their scheduled meeting, wondering why the delay.

Well, because the President and his intern have been jerking him off, that’s why. Arafat was part of a disembodied threesome and he didn’t even know it. But the question remains: Will the Chief Executive’s powerful come shot indelibly stain his own party? I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s news.